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Which cordless vacuum cleaner brand?

Most reliable cordless vacuum cleaner brands

By Matthew Knight

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We reveal the cordless vacuum cleaner brands that should last the course, based on the experiences of thousands of owners.

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We've surveyed thousands of cordless vacuum cleaner owners to find out which brands are most prone to breakdowns and developing faults. 

Battery failure and accessories breaking are two of the most common faults with a cordless vacuum cleaner, but much less likely if you choose a brand with a five star reliability rating. Use the table below to see the reliability scores given to each brand depending on how they behave in the homes of real owners. The higher the score, the more likely you are to have a fault-free experience.

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Once you've discovered the best brand for you, go straight to our our in-depth cordless vacuum reviews area to find the best model.

Which cordless vacuum cleaner brands are the most reliable?
Brand name Reliability star rating Percentage reliability score

Table notes
Ratings based on a survey of 1,560 Which? members in October 2016. Reliability star rating shows how each brand's reliability score compares to other cordless vacuum brands. Table correct as of November 2016.
Sample sizes: Dyson 827, Gtech 292, AEG/AEG Electrolux 33, Black & Decker 41, Bosch 215.


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Which cordless vacuum cleaner brands stay fault free the longest?

You have told us that when you buy a cordless vacuum cleaner you expect it to last for seven and a half years before it develops a fault. Below, the table reveals what percentage of each brand's cordless vacuums stay fault free the longest.

Which cordless vacuum cleaner brand stays fault free the longest?
Brand name % faults after one year % faults after three years % faults after five years
4% 6% 6%
9% 12% 14%
12% 17% 17%
13% 17% 17%
13% 19% 20%
9% 21% 24%
Table notes
Ratings based on a survey of 1,560 Which? members in October 2016. Table correct as of November 2016.
Sample sizes: Dyson 827, Gtech 292, AEG/AEG Electrolux 33, Black & Decker 41, Bosch 215. As cordless vacuum cleaners are a relatively newer product, we only record reliability data up to 5 years, rather than 10 as we do for other domestic appliances.


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How cordless vacuum cleaner brands compare

Our survey reveals that it isn't always the brands you think that get the best reliability scores. It also shows that of all the Which? members who own a cordless vacuum cleaner and responded to the survey, more than half own a Dyson. Only our Dyson cordless vacuum reviews reveal if that was the right choice.

Just 6% of models from the most reliable brand of cordless vacuum cleaner weren't still working after five years, according to our members. A fantastic achievement and a ringing endorsement of the reliability of the brand. By contrast, if you bought a cordless model from our least reliable brand, you might be one of the 24% whose models had developed a fault.

Our reliability scores are based on the real-life experiences of owners, once they get their cordless vacuum cleaner home. As well as how long each cordless vacuum brand's models last without developing a fault, our reliability score takes into account how far down the line the fault occurs and how severe it is. Minor faults that develop later in a vacuum's life are considered less severely than serious faults that occur early on.

Common problems with cordless vacuums

The most common issues with cordless vacuum cleaners reported in our survey were:

  • 13% - faulty battery
  • 12% - power cutting out
  • 10% - deteriorating suction

While some cordless vacuum models allow you to buy a new battery, this can be half the cost of a new vacuum. Choosing a reliable brand is a good start. 

Even more so than with ordinary vacuum cleaners, the small capacity of cordless vacuum cleaners means you'll need to remove and clean filters regularly, and not let the dust container get too full. Keeping these areas clean will help to keep suction high and can prevent long term problems.