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Which cordless vacuum cleaner brand?

Top 6 cordless vacuum cleaner brands for 2017

By Matthew Knight

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Discover the best and worst cordless vacuum cleaner brands, based on the votes of hundreds of owners, and our exclusive research.

Put us to the test

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We put cordless vacuum cleaners through rigorous comparative tests to find out which models offer the best cleaning power for your money, and which are worthy of our respected Best Buy recommendation.

Through our testing of cordless vacuums from all the major brands, we’ve developed an unrivalled insight into what each vacuum brand does well and not so well. While some brands make models that will excel at cleaning floors, others are a much better bet for jobs such as cleaning your car. And within the same brand, you might be able to get a top-notch cordless vacuum for less, if you aren't fussed about certain features or tools.

For reviews of the latest models, see our cordless vacuum cleaner reviews.

In the table below we share what we’ve learnt about each of the biggest cordless vacuum brands, including Dyson, Gtech and AEG, so you can pick a top-scoring brand that you'll be able to rely on. We've collated the scores of all the models we've tested since 2014, plus our unique brand reliability ratings and brand customer satisfaction scores, so you can see at a glance how the key cordless vacuum cleaner brands stack up against each other. 

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Cordless vacuum cleaner brands rated
Brand name Average review score Reliability rating Customer score Verdict
72% 78% This brands cordless vacuum cleaners have a 5 star reliability rating and they are well liked by their owners too. This tallies with our experience of them in our test lab. Nearly all of their cordless vacuum cleaners we have tested are Best Buys.
40% 58% This brands cordless vacuum cleaners tend to be reliable, but they're not loved by their owners and the one cordless vacuum we have tested from this brand is so bad we made it a Don't Buy.
76% 78% This brands cordless vacuums have a good reliability record, the joint highest customer score, and an incredible 100% of the models we've tested are Best Buys. You can't really go wrong with this brand.
63% 75% This famous brand of cordless vacuum cleaner achieve relatively average scores in our tests, but they do have a good reliability rating and are well liked by those who own them.
51% N/A For reliability, this brand is an OK bet as it achieves an average rating based on our survey of owners. It's cordless vacuums tend not do to as well as the very best brands when we test them in our lab.
48% 59% This brand of cordless vacuum cleaner tends to clean quite poorly when we test them. They also have a low customer score and are only averagely reliable.
Table notes
The range of test scores and average test score are based on results of all models tested since 2014. The customer score and brand reliability score are from a survey of 1,560 Which? members conducted online in October 2016.
The customer score is based on whether members would recommend the brand they own to a friend. Reliability is based on whether members' experienced problems with their cordless vacuum.


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Choosing the best brand of cordless vacuum cleaner

The table above reveals the two brands that are worth considering when it comes to cordless vacuum cleaners. Picking a cordless vacuum cleaner from either of these two manufacturers almost guarantees Best Buy quality. One of the brands has an exceptional reliability record to boot, and the other brand rates well for reliability too - so you shouldn't be troubled by early faults. 

Unfortunately both of these brands sit at the top end of the market in terms of price. But the results of our reliability and customer satisfaction survey as well as the extensive testing we conduct in our lab on everything from fine dust pick up, to pet hair removal and battery life, show that this is one home appliance where it is worth paying a little more to avoid disappointment. 

The good news is that entry level models from these brands have proved just as impressive as pricier versions, so if you're willing to compromise a little on the number of accessories you get, you can get a brilliant, reliable cleaner for less.

We test cordless vacuums to the same standards of dust-busting as ordinary vacuums, and have found that many fall short, picking up a fraction of what they should. So while your floors may look clean, dust and grime will be building up under the surface. For peerless cordless cleaning, pick from our list of the best cordless vacuum cleaners

How we calculate the best and worst brands

Each year we conduct a large reliability survey among thousands of Which? members, asking them about everything from cordless vacuum cleaners to washing machines. From this survey we calculate a reliability score based on how long cordless vacuum cleaners last in the homes of real owners, and the types of faults they develop. 

We also calculate a customer score rating, which shows how satisfied real owners are with their brand of cordless vacuum cleaner and whether they would recommend it to a friend.

We combine the data we collect from this survey with the years of testing data we collect in our testing facility and our experience of testing all the major cordless vacuums that launch on the market. This gives Which? a unique and comprehensive view of the best and worst brands of cordless vacuum cleaners. 

And because Which? buy all of the samples we test ourselves and we don't accept any advertising, we are completely independent, so you know we'll only recommend the very best cordless vacuums.