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Top five best integrated dishwashers for 2020

By Hannah Walsh

We've rounded up five of our Best Buy integrated dishwashers to help you to find the best built-in model for your fitted kitchen.

Put us to the test

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The top integrated dishwashers from our testing will fit nicely into your kitchen. They do a great job of leaving your dishes clean and dry, and your glasses looking gleaming – all without sending your utility bills rocketing.

But we’ve also found integrated models that were dreadful at dealing with our dirty dishes, and left them still smeared with stains or spattered with food residue. You'll need to watch out when unloading these Don’t Buy integrated dishwashers, as you could find yourself soaked from plastic containers still filled with puddles of dishwater.

You can compare all the models we've tested by visited our dishwasher reviews. Or check out the best and the worst integrated dishwashers below.

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Best fully integrated dishwashers


This dishwasher flew through our tests without breaking a sweat. It cleans and dries fantastically and is easy to load and unload. Sure, we've found others that are a little bit more efficient. But what sets this dishwasher apart, and gives it a lead over most, is that it runs almost silently.


This dishwasher is worth pushing the boat out for. There really are very few flaws with it: it cleans and dries brilliantly, is efficient enough for us to class it an Energy Saver, and is easy to use.

Best semi-integrated dishwasher


This dishwasher is among the most efficient we've ever tested - even among other Energy Saver dishwashers, it would save you money. The fact that it also still gives five-star cleaning and drying is nothing short of magic.

Best slimline integrated dishwashers


This slimline dishwasher removed sticky baked-on food such as egg and spinach with ease, and did a good job of getting plates and cutlery dry. It was heavy-handed with water and energy while using the auto program, but this can be improved by switching to the eco cycle.


For the price you can't get a better slimline dishwasher. It lacks some features pricier ones have, but more than makes up for this in how well it cleans and dries.

Not found the product for you? Browse all of our list of the best dishwashers.

And here are three integrated dishwashers to avoid

We've tested more than a hundred fully and semi-integrated dishwashers, so we know that making the wrong choice could be a costly, and irritating, mistake. The worst models will mean you end up lumped with a dishwasher dud that leaves plates and silverware with a grimy coating of food. You could get a nasty shock when you get your utility bills, too, as we've found some dishwashers that burn through energy and water. In the table below we look at three integrated dishwashers from our testing that should definitely be sidestepped.

Don't Buy integrated dishwashers


This dishwasher is super energy and water efficient, but that could just be because it doesn't clean anything well.


Despite coming from a reputable brand, this dishwasher disappointed. Quite simply put, it is one of the worst cleaners we've ever seen.


We weren't impressed by this dishwasher. It's difficult to use and dreadful at cleaning, so you can expect to find traces of last night's supper left behind on your freshly washed dishes. It's definitely one to avoid so we've made it a Don't Buy.

What type of integrated dishwasher should I get?

There are two types of integrated dishwasher to choose from: fully and semi-integrated. We've found some excellent Best Buy models for both that will make dealing with dirty dishes a dream, but what's the difference and how much do you need to spend?

Fully integrated dishwasher - these dishwashers are hidden entirely by a kitchen cabinet door, making them the ideal choice for people who want a streamlined and stylish kitchen. The control panel for setting the program or options is found inside the door, along the top edge. Some models will use lights projected on to the floor to let you know the progress of cycle, while others will beep once the cleaning is completed. 

Semi-integrated dishwashers - most of the door of a semi-integrated model will be covered by a kitchen cabinet, but the control panel remains visible at the top. The dishwashers controls and display are easy to see, even when the cycle is running. Some semi-integrated models have their own front panel rather than requiring a custom-designed cabinet door.

If you're still not sure which type of dishwasher you need, or what features you need, then head over to our how to buy the best integrated dishwasher page.

How much do I need to spend on an integrated dishwasher?

We've found that price has no correlation to the cleaning power of an integrated dishwasher - some affordable models from our testing are impressively good at cleaning and drying. Pricier models do tend to offer more features, but our cheapest Best Buy integrated slimline dishwasher can be found for less than £350. Even if you want a full-size machine, we've found some great integrated models for less than £400. 


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