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Top five best slimline dishwashers for 2020

By Aaron West

We've rounded up the slimline dishwashers that have topped our tests, to help you easily find the best model for your home.

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Slimline dishwashers are around 15cm thinner than the average full-sized model making them perfect for those that are short on space.

They typically wash between 80 and 100 items of crockery and cutlery. But all the slimline dishwashers we recommend below have all gone through the same rigorous testing as full-sized models, so you can be sure that what they lack in capacity they make up for with the quality of their cleaning.

You can compare all the models we've tested in and find the best dishwasher for you, or scroll down to see the three top scorers and one Don't Buy dishwasher you should steer clear of. 

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Best slimline integrated dishwashers


This slimline dishwasher removed sticky baked-on food such as egg and spinach with ease, and did a good job of getting plates and cutlery dry. It was heavy-handed with water and energy while using the auto program, but this can be improved by switching to the eco cycle.


For the price you can't get a better slimline dishwasher. It lacks some features pricier ones have, but more than makes up for this in how well it cleans and dries.

Best freestanding slimline dishwashers


This energy saver cleans well, dries better and doesn't use much water or energy to get the job done - so it's cheap to run, too.


This slimline is fantastic at drying and frugal with water and energy. It's a tad noisy, and not the easiest to clean, but still a very worthy Best Buy.

Best cheap slimline dishwasher


For the price you can't get a better slimline dishwasher. It lacks some features pricier ones have, but more than makes up for this in how well it cleans and dries.

Not found the product for you? Browse all of the best dishwashers.

And here's a slimline dishwasher to avoid

We've found slimline dishwashers that do such a poor job of cleaning and drying that we simply can't recommend them. They're annoyingly noisy, making them particularly irritating in a small kitchen, and the worst models are awkward to load and unload, too. The Don't Buy dishwasher below is definitely best avoided. 

Don't Buy slimline dishwashers


Despite coming from a reputable brand, this dishwasher disappointed. Quite simply put, it is one of the worst cleaners we've ever seen.

Should you buy a slimline, compact or full-sized dishwasher?


Width: Approximately 45cm Capacity: 80-100 items

If you're tight on space then a slimline dishwasher can be your best option. They are narrower than full-sized machines, but even the smallest are still capable of washing enough crockery for a party of eight. But bear in mind that slimline dishwashers tend to be less energy efficient than full-sized models and can often cost more than the cheapest large machines.


Width: Approximately 55cm Capacity: 40-60 items

Compact models can be either integrated or table-top dishwashers. As their name suggests, table-top dishwashers sit on top of kitchen counters, while integrated compact models take up the space of a drawer in your built-in kitchen. They're often quite expensive and it can be tricky to fit large items into them, too.


Width: Approximately 60cm Capacity: 120-150 items

Full-sized dishwashers have capacity for between 12 and 15 place settings, although the very largest from our tests can hold a whopping 16 place settings. Each place setting is made up of 10 items, so that's 120 pieces of crockery, cutlery and glassware. If you have a large family or regularly have lots of dishes to wash, go for a model with a larger than average capacity – so 13, 14 or 15 place settings. Smaller households may find that they struggle to fill a load, making the extra space taken up by a full-sized machine unnecessary. 

Still not sure what you need? Read our guide on how to buy the best dishwasher.


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