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Updated: 3 Aug 2021

First look electric bike reviews

We've taken a first look at the latest e-bikes for sale, giving you our verdict to help you get the best bike for you
Sam Morris
two electric bikes surrounded by mountains

E-bikes are increasingly popular, as people look for alternatives to public transport or more eco-friendly commutes. 

With new electric bikes launching all the time, we've taken a first look at some of the latest models to hit the UK, taking them for a spin to bring you our initial verdict on how comfortable they are to ride, how they handle and – most importantly – how well they help to power you along the flat and up steeper inclines.  

While these first looks will help narrow down your search, we recommend you try any bike yourself before committing to a purchase to see how comfortable it is for you.

You can also use our full reviews to find out which e-bike motor systems we recommend and which are the best folding electric bikes.

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Cowboy 3 – £1,990

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This electric bike's intuitive motor assistance means it controls the amount of power the motor supplies automatically. When we took it for a spin we found this feature to be very responsive, making the bike easy and simple to ride. It's stylish and the added functionality you get by pairing it to your mobile phone was useful. But was it all style and no substance? To find out what it like to ride log in now or join Which? today.

Panther Compact Sports 2021 – £999

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Launching in Spring 2021, this electric bike aims to be an agile and easy to use. It's priced at £999, making it a lower cost e-bike. When we looked at it we found it comfortable to ride, and the motor assistance made cycling on flat terrain a breeze. But did we find that support continued on the hills? To find out log in now or join Which? today.

Panther Trekker Hybrid 2021 – £1,399

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This electric bike launches in Spring 2021 and has three different battery options, nine motor assistance levels and seven manual gears – allowing you to really fine-tune your cycling experience. But could the motor handle all the terrain we took it on? To read our full review, log in now or join Which? today.

Choosing the right e-bike for you

Many of the popular e-bike brands get their motor and battery combinations from the same third-party manufacturers. This is the core system that determines how far a e-bike will get you and how effectively it assists you up hills and on longer journeys.

Electric Bike Motors

Our electric bike motor and battery system reviews will help you narrow down the bikes that go faster and smoother than the rest, so you can find the right fit for you.

Folding electric bikes

If you have limited storage at home, or you need to hop on and off public transport, a folding e-bike can be a convenient way to integrate cycling into your existing lifestyle. 

Some of the most popular folding e-bike brands have undergone our full lab testing – take a look at our folding electric bike reviews to see how they fared.