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Boost Energy

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Boost Energy

Boost is a dedicated pay-as-you-go brand that is part of Ovo Energy. Use our Boost Energy review to find out if it's the right supplier for you.

Boost was launched in September 2017 as Ovo Energy’s dedicated pay-as-you go brand. Previously called Ovo Energy Smart PAYG+, Ovo said it split the brands to ‘better serve our pre-pay energy customers, offer fresh thinking and innovative new products and services to meet the unique needs of this market’.

Boost says it’s ‘taking the pain out of PAYG energy’. It lets customers top up via a smartphone app linked to a smart meter, schedule automatic top ups, and track their own energy use.

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Boost customer score

Boost came joint 12th (with Engie) out of 30 energy companies rated by 7,429 members of the public in the annual Which? energy companies customer satisfaction survey.

Customers were generally positive about the clarity of its bills, customer service, complaints handling. They also thought that it’s good value for money. However, the top-scoring firms were rated better by customers on all of those measures.

Boost score breakdown

The graphic below shows the breakdown of Boost’s scores from our latest survey.

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Which? verdict on Boost

It’s the first time we’ve been able to include Boost in our annual energy company survey and it scores reasonably well – but not outstandingly – on the range of measures we asked its customers to rate.

Boost's customers were less impressed with the accuracy of its bills and helping them understand and reduce their energy use though, which are areas for improvement as the company grows.

Boost’s parent company, Ovo Energy, scored better overall and finished in sixth position. Find out more about Ovo Energy.

Other firms have much lower levels of complaints, but Boost solved those it received very quickly. In fact 95% of complaints were solved on the same or next working day in the first six months of 2018.

When it comes picking up the phone to customers promptly, Boost has some work to do. It was among the slowest of the firms included in our 2019 snapshot investigation into customer waiting times. It took more than 17 minutes on average to answer the phone.

The fastest firm – So Energy – answered the phone in just 38 seconds on average, though the slowest kept customers waiting more than 20 minutes.

Boost is installing smart prepayment meters for customers, though it also sells tariffs for traditional pay-as-you-go meters.

Pros: Fast to resolve complaints

Cons: Customers are less impressed about its bills’ accuracy or its efforts to help them understand and reduce energy use, when compared with other suppliers

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