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Scottish Power

Scottish Power, owned by Spanish energy firm Iberdrola, supplies gas and electricity to more than five million homes and businesses in the UK. Should you switch so it supplies yours?
Sarah Ingrams
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Scottish Power generates electricity, all through renewable sources. Over the past couple of years, it has closed its coal-fired power stations and sold off its gas plants. 

It now claims it's the first big company to generate only renewable electricity. Before that, Scottish Power was already the largest producer of wind energy in the UK. Iberdrola Group operates over 40 wind farms across the UK, which produce over 2,500MW. 

In December 2020, Scottish Power launched a new company to produce 'green' hydrogen by using energy from renewable sources rather than fossil fuels. It expects to make a significant contribution towards the government's goal of producing 5GW of low-carbon hydrogen by 2030. It can be used as fuel for industry and transport.

In took on the customers of failed suppliers Entice Energy, Orbit Energy, Tonik Energy and Yorkshire Energy when they ceased trading.

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Scottish Power customer review

Scottish Power came joint-eighth out of 18 British energy companies, as rated by 8,390 members of the public in the annual Which? customer survey. It tied with Sainsbury's Energy, SSE, and Eon.

Scottish Power received some mixed reviews, but overall came out on the lower end of our survey. Customers largely reported issues with customer services and communication, as well as Scottish Power increasing their bills once they'd signed up.

Impossible to get through to them on the phone when you need to.

Scottish Power customer

I didn’t understand my last bill. I’m not happy that I seem to be paying more than agreed.

Scottish Power customer

Scottish Power score

The graphic below shows the breakdown of its score from our latest survey.

Scroll down to find out how Scottish Power fares on complaints handling, how quickly it responds to customers and what customers think of its prices.

Scottish PowerRating
Overall customer score55%
Customer service online or over the phone
How accurate energy payments are
How clear statements are
Value for money

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Which? verdict on Scottish Power

Pros: Many customers report having no issues with the company

Cons: Poor customer service according to our survey

Last year Scottish Power ranked near the lowest of the big energy companies, and has held this position for another year.

Their conversions to turning more 'green' and eco-friendly as a company are promising and good to see from a larger energy company. However, their services were largely reported as sub-par by many of our respondents. 

Scottish Power’s customers rated the accuracy and clarity of payments, as well as value for money, fairly poorly. And, customer service for this company was rated very poorly at one star - every other company we researched scored at least two stars for this measure.

Scottish Power customer service

According to our survey, almost half (48%) of its customers we heard from called its customer service good and almost two thirds (64%) said they were satisfied with it as their supplier overall.

In addition, 15% of Scottish Power customers said they had a reason to complain to their energy provider in the last 12 months, and 88% of this proportion did complain. Of those who complained, 41% said it was regarding payments, and 34% said it was regarding customer service.

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Scottish Power Bill Clarity and Value for Money

Scottish Power sells numerous fixed deals, including some that give a donation to Cancer Research UK, as well as online-only tariffs. Some have exit fees of £30 per fuel.

Its electric vehicle tariff has lower rates overnight to charge your car. You must have an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle registered at your supply address to qualify.

Some customers are willing to put up with less good customer service for the right price. But Scottish Power is poor value for money, according to customers in our survey.

Many people reported disputes over bills and unexpected price increases following their sign-ups. While some customers are content with the prices available, others suggest Scottish Power could do more for their wallets, such as incentives or rewards for their account, or simply lower bills.

I didn’t understand my last bill. I’m not happy that I seem to be paying more than agreed.

Scottish Power customer

Can you join Scottish Power with a prepayment meter?

Yes, Scottish Power supplies customers with both standard and smart prepayment meters. It is currently installing smart pay-as-you-go meters. These let you top-up your credit using its app, and by as little as £1.

You can still top-up at the shop, using a barcode (which you can get in the app or by post). Customers can top-up at Payzone or the Post Office.

Does Scottish Power sell renewable energy?

Overall, Scottish Power says that just over a third of the electricity it sells to customers is renewable. However, of the 1million customers who have chosen its green tariffs, Scottish Power generates 90% of their electricity itself from renewables.

It matches the remaining 10% by buying renewable electricity directly from generators.

It says that ‘none of the renewable electricity we sell to our customers is backed by REGOs certificates alone’.

Proportion of renewable electricity sold to domestic customersGenerates renewable electricity?Buys renewable electricity directly from generators?Proportion of customers’ renewable electricity matched by REGO certificates?Generates or buys directly from fossil fuels?Sells green gas?
36%Yes (90% of customers' electricity on green tariffs)Yes (10% of customers' electricity on green tariffs)100%NoNo

Proportion of renewable electricity according to Scottish Power’s 2019/20 fuel mix. Other responses based on information provided by suppliers in August and September 2021.

Scottish Power says it’s ‘one of the biggest developers and generators of renewable electricity in the UK and Ireland’. It has more than 40 windfarms (including both offshore and onshore) which can generate 2.5GW of electricity.

It doesn’t sell green gas and explained that this is owing to ‘challenges in sourcing sufficient green gas in the market to match demand’.

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Scottish Power in the news

Scottish Power in 2022

May: Scottish Power's chief executive Keith Anderson called for 10 million households to have their energy bills reduced by £1,000 from October 2022, with a view to help customers struggling to make their payments. Anderson told the BBC that the government's plans to give households £200 towards their energy bills was not sufficient to counteract the expected price rises.

Scottish Power in 2021

November: Entice Energy and Orbit Energy's customers were moved to Scottish Power when the smaller firms stopped trading.

March: Scottish Power is paying 157,236 of its customers a total of £1.9m after overcharging them when they switched supplier or tariff between 2013 and 2020. It was one of 18 energy firms found by regulator Ofgem to have failed to uphold these rules. Over 1 million customers were affected.

Affected customers will receive £12.51 each, on average. This includes reimbursing customers and paying some compensation.

Scottish Power in 2020

December: Scottish Power took on Yorkshire Energy's 74,000 domestic customers after the small supplier stopped trading.

Scottish Power set up a new division to produce 'green' hydrogen.

November: Scottish Power was investigated by energy regulator Ofgem over whether it broke rules around its obligations to install smart meters in homes in 2019.

October: Tonik Energy customers were taken on by Scottish Power after the small provider went bust.

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