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6 August 2021

Green Network Energy

Green Network Energy stopped trading on 27th January 2021. Customers will be moved to EDF Energy.
Sarah Ingrams
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Green Network Energy began supplying customers in the UK in 2016 and stopped trading in January 2021. If you are among its 360,000 customers then you are now a customer of EDF Energy.

Energy regulator Ofgem chose the new supplier. EDF Energy will contact you in the coming days about the changes, including your new tariff and payments.

Your gas and electricity supply will continue as usual. Take a meter reading ready to give to EDF Energy when it contacts you.

Ofgem's advice is not to switch supplier until your new account with EDF Energy has been set up. This makes it simpler to transfer you to the new supplier and pay back your credit balance.

If you are in credit to Green Network Energy, this will be honoured. If you are waiting for a refund after leaving Green Network Energy, you will also get this back in time.

See more information for Green Network Energy customers and how EDF Energy fared in our latest energy companies satisfaction survey.

Green Network Energy was originally an Italian start-up and promised simple, affordable green energy.

Its parent company Green Network invests in renewable generation, including solar panels and biogas, in Italy.

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Green Network Energy customer score

Green Network Energy came joint-10th out of 25 energy companies included in our survey in England, Scotland and Wales. We asked 7,460 members of the public to rate their energy firm in the annual Which? energy companies customer satisfaction survey.

Green Network Energy ranks well above big firms including British Gas, Npower and Scottish Power but it's just below the recently expanded Ovo Energy.

It was the cheapest at the time, but I think there are cheaper companies now.

Green Network Energy customer

It is easy to deal with.

Green Network Energy customer

Green Network Energy score breakdown

The graphic below shows the breakdown of Green Network Energy’s scores from our latest survey.

Find out how Green Network Energy compares with other energy companies included in our survey. See the full results of the best and worst energy companies.

Which? verdict on Green Network Energy

Green Network Energy ranked slightly higher overall this year versus last year. It compares well against other energy firms, although it’s not among the very best-loved by customers, according to our survey results.

Customers rated it as good on two aspects of its service and fair on two.

The accuracy and clarity of its bills are Green Network Energy’s highest-rated areas, for both of which it achieved four out of five stars. The best companies were rated five stars for bill accuracy but none of them were awarded five for clarity. Customers of 11 other firms in our survey rated their supplier the four stars for bill clarity.

Customer service is fair, according to customers, who gave it three stars. This is one area where it performed less well than Bulb Energy , with which it shares its overall ranking. 

Customers also rated Green Network Energy as fair for value for money. This is an important measure, as looking for a cheaper deal is the most common reason why customers switch energy supplier in general.

We didn’t receive sufficient responses from customers to rate Green Network Energy’s complaints handling. However, official data shared with energy regulator Ofgem reveals that it received relatively few complaints in the first half of last year compared with other suppliers included in our survey.

It wasn’t the fastest to resolve them, though. Green Network Energy only solved two fifths of complaints on the same day or next working day. The best firms managed 90% or more. However, it had resolved the majority of complaints within eight weeks.

In our survey it was one of the companies with the most customers who said they hadn't experienced problems with their energy provider in the previous 12 months.

It gives me the information I need to know: how much gas and electricity I've used, and a comparison with the same period a year ago.

Green Network Energy customer

It is very slow to respond to communications, especially by email.

Green Network Energy customer

When we included Green Network Energy in our September 2020 snapshot investigation into energy companies' customer service response times, it picked up in 7 minutes 49 seconds on average, which was slower than the median average of all the companies we called (5 minutes 57 seconds). 

But there were several firms that took over twenty minutes to answer and one, Boost, answered its calls after an average wait time of over 40 minutes.

Green Network Energy doesn’t offer live chat, so we tested its email response time instead. It took three days and 22 hours to reply to us, on average, making it the third slowest responder for the 12 companies we contacted in this way.

Pros: Bills are good for accuracy and clarity; according to customers

Cons: Quite slow to answer the phone and emails

Green Network Energy electricity sources

Green Network Energy in the news

Green Network Energy in 2021

Ofgem announced that Green Network Energy stopped trading on 27 January. It chose EDF Energy to take on its customers from 31 January 2021.

Green Network Energy in 2019

March: Green Network Energy signed an agreement to become the energy provider for all Italian Embassy sites in the UK.

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