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Robin Hood Energy

By Sarah Ingrams

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Robin Hood Energy

Robin Hood Energy is a not-for-profit energy company owned by a local authority. It claims this means smaller bills - so is Robin Hood right for you? 

Robin Hood Energy is a not-for-profit energy company that provides gas and electric for households and businesses in the UK.

Launched in 2015 and owned by Nottingham City Council, Robin Hood Energy says its ambition is to reduce fuel poverty across the country. It claims that being a not-for-profit company allows it to keep prices low.

There are five different tariffs, fixed and variable, for customers looking to join Robin Hood Energy. One of these deals is only available to Nottingham residents. The supplier often offers very competitive tariffs. 

The energy company has a variety of payment options, including an emergency credit for customers on a meter. 

This is the first year we have included Robin Hood Energy in our annual satisfaction survey.

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Robin Hood Energy customer score

Robin Hood Energy came 15th out of 31 energy firms rated by 8,761 members of the general public in the annual Which? satisfaction survey.

'Good customer service, good price.'

Robin Hood Energy customer

It sits in the top half of our table and beat all of the Big Six energy firms. 

Robin Hood Energy score breakdown

Below we show more details about Robin Hood Energy’s score from our latest survey. Scroll down to see what actually goes into Robin Hood Energy's fuel mix and to find out what its customers really think of it.

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Which? verdict on Robin Hood Energy

This not-for-profit company sits middle of the table. Seemingly keeping its customers happy, but not excelling at any one part of its service - unlike our top scorers.

Providing gas and electric to the British market and owned by Nottingham City Council, Robin Hood Energy claims to have low bills and great customer service. It says it can offer such low-cost energy because it doesn’t pay its directors bonuses and has no private shareholders.

'I wanted to support a publicly-owned company.'

Robin Hood Energy customer

Robin Hood Energy doesn’t shout about any renewable initiatives and its first fuel disclosure shows it sourced 29.4% renewable energy from April 2016 to March 2017 – that’s a little over the UK average of 24.2%.

Robin Hood Energy offers five tariffs, with one tariff only available to Nottingham residents. It puts a strong emphasis on helping customers that struggle to pay for their energy, using different deals, payment plans and offering lots of external information on the website.

'Good competition for the big suppliers.'

Robin Hood Energy customer

You can set up a monthly direct debit, pay-as-you-go meter or various others payment methods if you choose to pay on receipt of the bill. There's also an emergency credit option. This can all be managed using an online account.

Fuel Direct, a payment scheme that enables you to pay your energy bill directly from your means-tested benefits, is also available.

It is not currently a part of the Warm Home Discount scheme, which offers a one-off payment to help those struggling to pay their energy bills. Legally, larger energy firms have to offer it; though some smaller firms - including Bristol Energy - do offer it. 

Robin Hood doesn't have any exit fees - so you don't have to pay if you want to switch.

In our survey, Robin Hood received a respectable four stars out of five for its billing accuracy. One customer told us: ‘They tell me the price per unit and how much I have used, and they use plain English.’

Responses to customer service were a little mixed. One responder told us Robin Hood Energy is: ‘Always willing to listen and sort out problems.’ Another said there is: ‘Not enough call centre staff.’

Pros: No exit fees 

Cons: Doesn’t offer a renewable energy tariff, other firms score better in our survey

Robin Hood Energy electricity sources

Robin Hood Energy in the news


October: Robin Hood Energy announced a 14.8% price increase for customers on its standard variable tariff. From 29 November, customers who use a medium amount of gas and electricity will see £155 extra added to their bill per year. A fifth of Robin Hood Energy's customers will be affected by the price change. 

Companies which partner with Robin Hood Energy are raising their prices at the same time. These include Angelic Energy, Great North Energy, Leccy, White Rose Energy and Your Energy Sussex.

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