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Spark Energy

By Sarah Ingrams

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Spark Energy

Spark Energy formed in 2007 and was bought by Ovo Energy in 2018. Spark focused on meeting the needs of the rental market: letting agents, landlords and tenants. 

Spark Energy stopped trading on 23 November 2018 and energy regulator Ofgem announced that Ovo Energy will take on its 290,000 customers.

If you are a domestic customer, read on to find out what happens now and what you should do. Your gas and electricity supply will not be affected.

Ovo Energy has bought Spark Energy's operating company and brand so customers will continue to be billed by Spark and contacted by its customer service staff. Your energy will be supplier by Ovo but your Spark tariff won't change.

If you are in credit to Spark, your balance will be protected, even if you have switched to another company. Spark Energy will contact customers in the next few days about the changes. 

When it does so, you can switch to a cheaper deal with Ovo or compare gas and electricity prices with Which? Switch to find the best energy deal for you. If you switch, you won't be charged exit fees.

Spark Energy was a small independent supplier which claimed to offer competitive prices and be better than the Big Six on service. It grew fast and was the first energy supplier to be built around the rental market.

It also offered phone and broadband services for tenants.

Spark Energy customer score

Spark Energy came 30th out of 31 energy companies rated by 8,761 members of the public in the annual Which? customer survey. Last year it ranked 12th.

Only Npower’s customers rated it worse.

'Spark keeps increasing prices'

Spark Energy customer

Spark Energy score breakdown

The graphic below shows the breakdown of Spark Energy's score from our latest survey.

Scroll down to find out more about why Spark Energy’s customer score is lower than last year, plus how its prices compare with other energy suppliers.

Find out how Spark Energy compares with other energy companiesclick to see the full results of the best and worst energy companies.

Which? verdict on Spark Energy

Spark Energy has slipped down the most places of any firm in our satisfaction survey compared with last year. It’s now the lowest-scoring small supplier.

A fifth of its customers wouldn’t recommend Spark – and the number of whose who would has reduced by 12 percentage points since last year.

It also has the greatest proportion of very dissatisfied customers (5%), joint with the lowest-scoring supplier Npower.

‘I have to use Spark as it is written in my tenancy agreement. I got a better deal with my old supplier.’

Spark Energy customer
Spark Energy’s customers consider its bills, customer service and value for money as fair, rather than good, and we received mixed comments about them.

‘Hard to understand what has been used and how much it is per unit.’

Spark Energy customer

Spark Energy has grown quickly and, from our years of studying energy companies, we’ve seen rapid expansion cause other firms’ falls from grace.

When we put all of the energy companies’ phone lines and online response times to the test in our snapshot customer waiting investigation, it took us 27min 49sec, on average, to get through to Spark Energy. This makes it the slowest energy company to respond to customer calls in our investigation.

‘Long waiting time for available customer assistant.’

Spark Energy customer

It was much faster at responding to our live chat messages, taking just 25 seconds on average, although its live chat wasn't always available.

Pros: We found Spark provides clear information on its bills and website

Cons: It’s one of the worst performing small suppliers

Spark Energy electricity sources

Spark Energy in the news


November: Ofgem announced that Spark Energy had failed and that Ovo Energy would take on its 290,000 customers. Ovo Energy has also bought Spark Energy's brand and operating company so customers will keep Spark tariffs and continue to be billed by Spark and deal with its customer service staff. But energy will be supplied under Ovo's license.

Spark Energy was the biggest domestic energy company to go bust to date. Spark Business Utilities is still operating as usual.

It stopped trading just one day after Ofgem begun investigating Spark Energy for failing to make Renewables Obligation payments on time. Suppliers which don’t source the amount of electricity from renewable sources that Ofgem requires must pay into a fund. If Spark Energy doesn’t pay, Ofgem can issue a final order to make it do so.

August: Spark Energy will also raise the price of its other variable tariff (called Super Tracker) by 6% on 7 September. Customers on it will pay £68 more per year on average.

July: Spark Energy will raise the price of one of its variable tariffs (called Digital Saver v1) by 9% on 1 September. As a result, it’ll cost customers £113 extra per year on average.


June: Spark Energy added Sky TV to its bundles of home services. This follows an agreement it set up with broadband provider Home Telecom previously.

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