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Small energy companies


By Sarah Ingrams

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Ebico is a not-for-profit energy company which supplies around 60,000 UK households. It says its mission is to help those affected by fuel poverty. 

Ebico has no shareholders, and the profits it makes are given to projects that help people affected by fuel poverty.

Previously it only offered one tariff per fuel for customers, and they only paid for the electricity they used. This tariff has no standing charges and Ebico does not give a discount to those who pay by direct debit. It states that this is a fairer deal for all of its energy customers.

Energy company Robin Hood Energy now supplies energy to most Ebico customers. SSE was previously Ebico’s supply partner, until March 2017. Our results below are based on Ebico’s performance when it was supplied by SSE.

Ebico’s standard credit tariff has no standing charge so you only pay for the electricity and gas you use. Its prepayment meter tariff does have a standing charge.

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Ebico customer satisfaction

Ebico came third out of 23 energy companies rated by 8,917 members of the public in the annual Which? customer survey – the biggest of its kind.


Always dealt with my queries promptly and correctly

Ebico customer

The table below shows the breakdown of Ebico's score from our latest survey.

Ebico survey results
Area of performance Star rating
Customer service and complaints handling
Value for money
Bills (accuracy and clarity)
Helping you to save energy
Customer score 75%

(Survey: October 2016, responses of 40 Ebico customers.) 

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Which? verdict on Ebico

Ebico comes third in our survey and is a not-for-profit energy supplier.

At the time of our assessment, it offered just one tariff for gas and electricity, with a very simple tariff structure: one unit rate, no exit fee and no standing charge. This means you only ever pay for what you use. This may be of particular benefit if you are a low energy user, or a second-home owner.

Ebico doesn’t produce the energy it sells, but works in partnership with Robin Hood Energy (SSE at the time of our survey), which supplies its energy, reads customers' meters, sends bills and collects payments. 


Ebico's customers rated it highly across the board, as they did last year.

Ebico's customers rated it highly across the board, as they did last year. 

In our snapshop investigation into energy companies' customer waiting times, Ebico was among the fastest to pick up the phone when we called its customer service - in 45 seconds on average. It wasn't quite the fastest though; Bulb Energy managed 27 seconds on average.

Ebico was fast to answer our emails too, in 5h09m on average.

Pros: Simple unique tariffs with one unit rate and no standing charge, cheap for low users, the fastest to answer customers’ calls

Cons: Expensive for medium and high users

Ebico fuel mix

Where Ebico gets its energy from:

  • 37% Renewable
  • 31% Coal
  • 27% Natural Gas
  • 3% Nuclear
  • 2% Other

(Note: This information was correct January 2017.)

Ebico in the news


February: Ebico announced that Robin Hood would be its sole supply partner. This ended its partnership with SSE - Ebico said its 'strategies no longer align'. As a result it replaced its EquiGas and EquiPower tariffs with EbicoZero, which Ebico said will be cheaper for 90% of customers. Customers can choose to remain on the Equi tariffs and switch to SSE.

January: Ebico announced a partnership with Robin Hood Energy to offer a new prepayment meter tariff, which it claimed to be 8.5% cheaper (for an average user) than Ebico’s existing tariff. The new tariff has a standing charge and unit rate, unlike Ebico’s previous tariffs on which customers pay only for the energy they use (ie. there is no standing charge).


In November 2016, Ebico announced that it would not increase prices during winter.

A Which? investigation into call-waiting times among energy providers found that Ebico is the quickest to answer calls of all the energy companies. It took only 21 seconds, on average, to get through to someone at Ebico's customer service centre, compared with more than 14 minutes for Green Star Energy and almost 10 minutes for SSE. We found that Ebico was also the fastest when we did this investigation in 2013, 2014 and 2015.


In March 2015, Ebico reduced its gas price, saying that it would save customers 3.9% per year on a typical bill.

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