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Best Cooker Brands

Most reliable freestanding cooker brands

By Jane Darling

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We reveal the most reliable cooker brands - plus the ones to avoid if you want a trouble-free cooker.

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When you buy a new cooker, you want to be sure it won't sabotage your dinner with an unreliable temperature control or uneven heat distribution. But it's no good buying a brilliant cooker that falls apart within a few years either. 

We've been testing cookers for decades, so we know which brands can be relied upon for hassle-free cooking and which break down more often, leaving you facing the possibility of pricey repairs. This year, more than 850 Which? members answered our call to let us know about problems they've had with their cookers, from dodgy oven doors to hobs that won't fire up and more besides.

In our brand reliability comparison table below you can find out which of nine different brands, from AEG and Beko to Stoves and Zanussi, top the reliability pile, and which to steer well clear of. To go straight to the reviews of each brand, simply click on the link.

Unfortunately, our survey shows that many cooker brands are not that reliable compared with other appliances we investigated. No cooker brand got a five-star rating for reliability and almost half of the least reliable brand's cookers broke down within five years of purchase. By contrast, choose a cooker from our most reliable brand and you have less than a one in five chance of this happening. 

Read on to discover the freestanding cooker brands that you can rely upon for years. Only logged-in members can view our exclusive reliability ratings in the table below. If you're not yet a member, sign up for a £1 Which? trial to get instant access.

Once you've decided which brand is right for you, our freestanding cooker reviews will guide you to the best models out there.

Which cooker brands are the most reliable?
Which cooker brands are the most reliable?
Brand Rating Reliability score

Table notes
Scores and ratings based on a survey of 853 Which? members in October 2016. Table correct as of November 2016.


Member Content

Which cooker brand stays fault free longest?

You've told us that when you buy a freestanding cooker, you think it should last 12 years before developing a fault. Our table below shows those cooker brands that stay fault-free the longest.

Which cooker brand stays fault free for longest?
Which cooker brand stays fault free for longest?
Brand % faults after one year % faults after five years % faults after 10 years
AEG 9% 27% 30%
Beko 24% 45% 45%
Belling 6% 21% 25%
Cannon 13% 40% 46%
Hotpoint 10% 22% 25%
Indesit 5% 19% 24%
New World 13% 21% 23%
Stoves 16% 30% 38%
Zanussi 16% 26% 33%
Table notes
Scores and ratings based on a survey of 853 Which? members in October 2016.
Sample sizes: AEG 56, Beko 38, Belling 71, Cannon 89, Hotpoint 112, Indesit 37, New World 62, Stoves 50, Zanussi 159.

Please note, while the data is shown for Hotpoint and Indesit in the tables above, we currently have concerns about how Whirlpool, the company which owns these brands, is handling safety issues regarding its tumble dryers and are therefore not currently recommending any of its products. 

How cooker brands compare

The expectations of Which? members and the reality of cooker reliability sadly don't match up. Which? members expect a cooker to remain fault-free for 12 years, but our survey hasn't found a brand that reaches these giddy heights.

The results of this year's survey show that freestanding cookers are a reliable product (just) with a 70% rating, which is the poorest of all kitchen appliances. But this average conceals vast differences between brands. When it comes to the most reliable cooker brand, fewer than two in ten of its models will become faulty in the first five years, whereas, with the least reliable, four in ten will cause issues. 

And we can say for sure that paying more won't necessarily protect you from an unreliable cooker - our results showed no clear relationship between price and reliability.

80%The score achieved by the most reliable freestanding cooker brand in our survey

We work out reliability scores based on the proportion of freestanding cookers with problems per brand in our customer survey. Faults are weighted, so if a brand has a few serious faults it will be awarded a lower score than a brand that has lots of minor faults.We also adjust scores according to the age of the cookers, so older models don't get marked down unfairly. Each star rating in the table shows how reliable that freestanding cooker brand is compared with the others.

Common problems with cookers

In our survey, we asked Which? members what specific faults they'd experienced with their cookers. Of those that had suffered problems, the most common were:

  • 8% Door not closing properly/problem with door seal
  • 6% Oven light broken
  • 6% Ignition on hob not working
  • 6% Grill not working properly
  • 6% Oven not heating up properly