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Best Cooker Brands

Top 9 cooker brands for 2017

By Jane Darling

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Find out which cooker brands are best. Our unique research reveals the most reliable, loved and best-performing brands.

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We've been testing freestanding cookers for decades. Hundreds of sponge cakes, trays of shortbread and tins of baked beans have been mixed, baked and simmered in pursuit of our goal of recommending only the best cookers for you.

Our comparative tests of all the most popular and widely available cookers on the market has given us an unrivalled insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each brand. Each cooker we test is put through a raft of rigorous tests over nine weeks. We use these results to produce our in-depth cooker reviews that include models from AEG, Belling, Cannon, Hotpoint, Zanussi and more.

We also survey hundreds of appliance owners every year to find out which brands experience the least faults and which leave owners satisfied. The results of our survey enable us to give the major cooker brands an overall score for customer satisfaction and reliability.

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Cooker brands rated
Cooker brands rated
Brand Average review score Reliability rating Customer score
59% N/A
This budget brand tops the cooker reliability list, but when it comes to our cooker reviews the outcome isn't so impressive. Of the five tested in the past three years, no cooker from this brand is a Best Buy, although one of the gas models isn't far off. If you're after cheap and cheerful but can live with less than perfect, then check out this brand.
62% 68%
This brand only just misses out on a four-star reliability rating and achieves the top customer score among the cooker brands: more than two-thirds of owners would recommend the brand to a friend. This fairly budget brand has one Best Buy to its name and a fairly respectable average test score, so is worth taking a look at.
62% 56%
Although this brand emerges from our cookers survey as a reliable brand - it ties third this year - owners aren't especially impressed, and only a little more than half would recommend a cooker of this brand to a friend. When it came to replacing their cooker, though, 17% opted for the same brand again. We haven't got any Best Buys to recommend, but the average test score for this brand isn't too bad. Price-wise, it's pretty middle-of-the-range, so don't rule it out.
60% 58%
This is a popular, inexpensive brand of cooker, and while none of the 11 models we've tested are Best Buys, a couple come pretty close. The brand's overall average test score is a reasonable 60%. And it's a reliable brand overall - it ties third in this year's survey - and well over half of owners would recommend this brand to a friend. We'd say its cookers are worth considering.
77% 67%
This brand just sneaks in as a reliable cooker brand, and the one model we've recently tested is a Best Buy. Overall, owners are reasonably satisfied with their cookers and around two-thirds would recommend this brand to a friend. Be prepared to dig deep, though, as a cooker from this brand is likely to set you back £500 or more, and if you go for a fancy double with an induction hob, it could be around the £1,000 mark.
64% N/A
Like last year, this cooker brand gets disappointing reliability results, so you're more likely to need to call the engineer if you go for one of its models. We've tested six in the past three years, and while none scores very highly, an average test score of 64% is fairly respectable. Overall, though, this brand is also pricier than average, so probably isn't worth the risk.
65% 64%
This brand of cooker has lost its reliability status this year, as it only scores two stars. This means that the two that previously scored well enough at our test lab to be Best Buys have had this recommendation removed. However, close to two-thirds of owners are happy with their cooker, so it could be worth taking the risk.
51% 62%
This brand just made it as a reliable cooker brand last year, but not so this year, by a substantial margin. A little over six out of ten owners are satisfied with their cooker, though, and would recommend the brand to their friends. But when the time came to buy their next cooker, no one went for another model from this brand. One of this brand's gas cookers that we tested recently only just scraped a score above 50%, which is pretty poor, so we'd recommend you go for a different make.
57% N/A
This brand makes a wide range of cookers, very much aimed at the budget end of the market. Unfortunately, its cookers are dogged by faults - so this brand sits firmly at the foot of this year's reliability listings. Considering this and its relatively low average test score, we'd recommend you look elsewhere for your cooker.
Table notes
Customer score and brand reliability ratings are based on a Which? member survey of 853 freestanding cooker owners conducted in October 2016. The customer score is based on whether members would recommend the brand to a friend, and reliability is based on whether members experienced an issue with their cooker. The average test score is calculated using results of all models tested to the latest test protocol (the past three years). Table correct as of November 2016.


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Choosing the best brand of cooker

Average test scores are relatively middling across the brands, with just one brand standing ahead of the crowd with an average score of 77%, although it has fewer models on the market. We've found cookers tend to be quite variable in their cooking abilities, so it's worth checking our cooker reviews to find the best models.

If your cooker breaks down unexpectedly, you'll be left high and dry while you wait for a repair or replacement, not to mention the unwelcome cost involved. Choose a model made by a reliable brand, though, and you're much less likely to end up with problems down the line.

80%The top reliability rating for a cooker brand

The most reliable cooker brand we rated achieved a respectable four stars, but four of the nine cooker brands reviewed scored just two stars, below our cut-off for an acceptable reliability rating. 

This makes freestanding cookers the least reliable of the large kitchen appliances, so it pays to do your research and choose a cooker from a more reliable brand.

68%The highest customer satisfaction rating for a freestanding cooker brand

We also asked owners if they'd recommend their brand of cooker to a friend. Just two brands achieved a really positive score, with over two-thirds of their customers willing to recommend them.

How we calculate the best and worst brands

Each year we conduct a large reliability survey among thousands of Which? members asking them to tell us about how satisfied they are with their cookers, whether they've experienced any faults and whether they'd recommend the brand to a friend. 

We take into account the severity of any problems and also the age of the appliance, so older cookers or cookers with minor faults aren't unfairly penalised. 

We combine the data we collect from this survey with our wealth of cooker test data and experience of testing cookers to bring you our unrivalled insight into the best and worst cooker brands out there - and to help steer you towards one that will give you years of trouble-free service.