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How to buy the best integrated freezer

By Ben Slater

Looking for the best integrated freezer for your built-in kitchen? We'll help you pick the best model for your needs and budget.

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Should I choose an integrated freezer?

If you’re debating whether to design your kitchen with an integrated freezer and fridge, here are the pros and cons to help you decide.

Pros of integrated freezers:

  • They sit behind kitchen cupboard doors and are hidden from view
  • They’re not as deep as some freezers and won’t protrude into your kitchen.

Cons of integrated freezers:

  • Compared with freestanding models, integrated freezers are more expensive and there aren’t as many models to choose from
  • They’re also more expensive to run.

It’s also worth considering whether an integrated fridge and freezer combined appliance would be a better bet, so check out our guide to buying an integrated fridge freezer.

Integrated freezers are more expensive to buy and run than freestanding models.

Integrated under-counter freezers

These are sometimes called built-in or built-under freezers. They sit under worktops and have a kitchen cupboard door attached to them. They will all fit within the 60cm wide by 60cm deep dimensions of a standard kitchen unit.

Integrated under-counter freezer prices

Prices start at £200 - £250 for a basic model from brands such as Beko, Candy and Fridgemaster, and cost £300 - £450 for makes such as AEG, Bosch, Hotpoint Neff, Siemens and Siemens. Expect to pay more for a Miele.

All integrated under-counter freezers fit within the dimensions of a standard kitchen unit.

Tall integrated freezers

Tall, upright integrated freezers slot into a tall bank of kitchen units. They’re sometimes called in-column freezers.

Tall integrated freezer dimensions

Built-in dimensions vary slightly but are always a little smaller than a standard kitchen cupboard, which is 60cm wide by 60cm deep. You can buy freezers of different heights, depending on the size you want. The tallest and most popular are about 177cm tall, but you’ll also find models that are 120cm-130cm tall.

Tall integrated freezer prices

Integrated tall freezers are expensive. While you might find the odd model for around £300, most start at £450 - even for inexpensive brands such as Beko. Prices for Siemens and Bosch start at around £600 and you can expect to pay £900 to £1,500 for top-range products from premium brands.

Tall integrated freezers cost from around £400 to more than £1,500 for top range products from premium brands.

Why are integrated freezers so expensive?

Integrated freezers are much more expensive than freestanding ones: prices can be as much as a few hundred pounds more.

One reason is that integrated cooling technology was costly to develop. Plus integrated freezers are less popular, so manufacturing costs are higher.

Another theory is that if your kitchen has built-in appliances, you’ll have to replace like-for-like when it comes to replacing them. This means manufacturers can get away with keeping prices high.

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