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Which fridge freezer brand?

Most reliable fridge freezer brands

By Ben Slater

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Most reliable fridge freezer brands

Fridge freezers are among the least reliable appliances we test. Reduce your chances of buying a fault-prone model with our exclusive reliability results.

We survey thousands of fridge freezer owners to find out which brands are most prone to breakdowns and developing faults. Cracked or broken drawers and flap-lids, blocked drains and outlets, and a build-up of ice in the fridge are some of the most common faults owners experience.

You're much less likely to fall victim to these problems if you choose a fridge freezer brand with a four-star reliability rating. Use the table below to see the reliability scores given to each brand based on how they behave in the homes of real owners. The higher the score, the more likely you are to have a fault-free experience.

Safety notice on refrigeration appliances

We continually monitor and vary the assessments that underpin our reviews to take account of changing standards and areas of concern. Our tests have revealed that plastic backing is highly flammable compared with aluminium laminate and metal. We are therefore not recommending any refrigeration appliances that have plastic backing.

If you already own an appliance with a plastic back, it's worth knowing that the likelihood of a refrigerator fire is very low, and the material used in the backing can allow an existing fire to spread - but it isn't the cause of the fire itself.

Fridge freezer reliability

Only logged-in Which? members can view our exclusive reliability ratings in the table below. If you’re not yet a member, join Which? to get instant access.

Once you've discovered the best brand for you, head to our fridge freezer reviews to compare models.

Which fridge freezer brands are the most reliable?
Which fridge freezer brands are the most reliable?
Brand name Reliability star rating Percentage reliability score
Subscriber only content 81%
Subscriber only content 80%
Subscriber only content 77%
Subscriber only content 77%
Subscriber only content 75%
Subscriber only content 75%
Subscriber only content 74%
Subscriber only content 74%
Subscriber only content 73%
Subscriber only content 71%
Subscriber only content 70%
Subscriber only content 69%
Subscriber only content 68%
Table notes
Ratings based on a survey of 2,187 Which? members in September 2017. Reliability star rating shows how each brand's reliability score compares to other fridge freezer brands. Table correct as of December 2017. 

Which fridge freezer brand stays fault-free longest?

You’ve told us that when you buy a fridge freezer, you think it should last 13 years before developing a fault. But our graphic below shows Which? members those fridge freezer brands that stay fault-free longest.

Please note, while data is shown for Hotpoint and Indesit in the table and graphic above, we currently have concerns about how Whirlpool, the company that owns these brands, is handling safety issues regarding its tumble dryers, and are therefore not currently recommending any of its products.

How fridge freezer brands compare

In our survey, 81% of Which? members who own a fridge freezer from the most reliable brand reported that their appliance was still fault-free after 10 years. In contrast, more than a third of respondents who own a fridge freezer from the least reliable brand experienced a fault in the first four years of ownership.

81% of Which? members who said they own a fridge freezer from the most reliable brand in our survey didn't experience any faults in the first decade.

We calculate fridge freezer reliability scores by comparing the proportion of a brand's appliances that have faults, against those from the same brand that don't. The faults are weighted, so more serious problems have a greater impact on the score. The star rating shows a brand’s reliability when compared with others in that category. To make sure newer or older models don't influence the score unfairly, we adjust scores to account for age.

Common fridge freezer problems

A minor fault – such as a broken door seal – is easily fixed, but major problems could cost hundreds of pounds to repair, or mean you have to fork out for a new fridge freezer. Here’s a list of the most common faults experienced by Which? members who own a fridge freezer:

  • 23% drawers or flap-lids broken or cracked
  • 23% blocked drain or outlet
  • 18% build-up of ice in the fridge
  • 14% build-up of ice in frost-free freezer
  • 14% water in bottom of the fridge

Fridge freezer repairs

We've investigated what to do about some of the trickier problems you might encounter with your fridge freezer, surveying 106 appliance repairers about what advice they'd give for fixing faults with fridge freezers and other home appliances.

A blocked drain hole caused by build-up of food/gunge 

Repairers’ advice Slightly more repairers advised paying a professional than repairing it yourself. One who recommended trying it yourself said: ‘It’s quite simple to do’. But another said: ‘If customers try to do it themselves, they may not reach the blockage point, therefore not actually removing the gunge.’

Cost of professional repair Around £70. 

Our advice Try clearing the build-up yourself first to save £70 but, if this doesn’t seem to fix the problem, then call a repairer in.

Ice building up in a frost-free freezer due to a failed sensor

Repairers’ advice More than half advised getting it repaired by a professional. ‘It’s not clever to meddle with electrical equipment without knowledge,’ said one. 

Cost of professional repair Around £62.50. 

Our advice Get a repairer in. 

The fridge not maintaining the correct temperature due to a door seal that’s split

Repairers’ advice Again, more than half advised getting it repaired professionally. 

Cost of repair Around £70. 

Our advice Call in a repairer.

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