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Updated: 7 Jun 2022

Best pizza cutters

Find the best tools and tips to easily cut pizza slices without dragging off the toppings or squashing the crust 
Joel Bates
Cutting pizza with a pizza cutter wheel

The best pizza cutters will glide through your pizza effortlessly. They cut perfect slices without any need for you to go back over the same spots, and they won't pull toppings or cheese off the top. So which pizza cutters make it that easy?

In December 2021, we searched for the best pizza-cutting tools by comparing pizza wheels from Joseph Joseph, Ooni, OXO, ProCook, Weber and more. We also looked at alternatives such as kitchen scissors, a dough scraper, pizza scissors and a mezzaluna.

We sliced up (and ate) plenty of pizza with each cutter and judged them on how effectively they cut, how comfortable they were to use, how well made they were and how easily they were to clean.

Discover which pizza cutters we recommend for serving up perfect pizza slices, and read our advice on buying, using and caring for your pizza cutter.

Price and availability last checked: 7 June 2022.

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The best pizza cutters from our tests

Best Buy/Great Value: John Lewis & Partners Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

Only available at John Lewis (in store only): £6.

Blade diameter: 7.7cm

Handle size: 10 x 3cm

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Hanging hole, plastic blade cover included

Pros: Effective at cutting, well built, comfortable, compact, easy to clean

Cons: Can't detach the blade for sharpening

Our verdict: We couldn't find much to criticise about this John Lewis pizza cutter. It's simple, brilliant and cheaper than many of the other pizza cutters we tested.

It has a rubberised grip, which works well to keep the cutter securely in your hands during use, and there's a hook hole at the bottom if you'd rather hang up your pizza cutter than stick it in the kitchen drawer.

The blade is a standard size, at 7.7cm diameter, and the handle isn't too big. So if you're not keen on cutters with giant wheels and want one that will fit easily in your kitchen drawer, this one should suit you perfectly.

In our tests it cut both thin crust and deep-pan pizzas with ease. It popped through the crust without squashing it, sliced through the base in one swift motion, and left the toppings and cheese pristine on each slice. We couldn't fault it.

You can put it in the dishwasher for cleaning, but doing that repeatedly will dull the blade. Thankfully, it's easy to handwash and there are no nooks or crannies that we found tricky to clean.

As with many of the pizza cutters we tested, it's not possible to detach the cutting blade from the handle, so you might struggle to sharpen it when the blade becomes dull. We'd recommend using the supplied plastic blade cover when you store it. This will help to protect the blade against dulling for as long as possible.

That's the only small downside, though. Overall we think this is a superb Best Buy and Great Value pizza cutter that sliced its way to the top of the pile.

Best Buy: Oxo Good Grips Pizza Wheel

Cheapest price: £10 available at Amazon, Fenwick, Waitrose (out of stock).

Blade diameter: 8cm

Handle size: 10 x 3.7cm

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Hanging hole, plastic blade cover included

Pros: Excellent at cutting, good build quality, comfortable, easy to clean

Cons: Thick thumb guard could make it tricky to store, can't detach the blade for sharpening

Our verdict: The excellent rubberised handle grip tops off a truly superb pizza cutter from Oxo Good Grips.

It has a slightly longer neck than the John Lewis & Partners Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter, which is useful as it prevents the handle from squishing extra-puffy crusts during cutting.

Although it's compact, the thickness of the thumb grip could make it a little tricky to store in the kitchen drawer.

We found the blade sharp and effective at cutting through the crust and base of our pizzas, and it didn't drag the toppings off.

Cleaning was straightforward and hassle-free.

We were delighted with Oxo's Good Grips Pizza Wheel and are pleased to recommend it as a Best Buy. It's a fantastic alternative to the John Lewis pizza cutter. 

How the rest fared

Here's how the other pizza cutter wheels did in our tests, listed alphabetically.

Asdirne Pizza Cutter

Only available at Amazon: £5.94.

Blade diameter: 10.2cm

Handle size: 12.5 x 3.5cm

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Detachable cutting blade

Pros: Cuts effectively, comfortable, easy to clean

Cons: Cheap build quality

Our verdict: A large, effective but cheaply made pizza cutter from Asdirne.

The 10.2cm cutting blade makes this one of the larger pizza wheels we tested, but the handle is relatively flat. It should fit in your kitchen drawer as long as there aren't lots of other utensils in there with it.

Although the handle is helpfully designed to fit the shape of your hand during cutting, we didn't think the grip was very  effective. The mould lines and bumps left over from manufacturing also made this cutter feel cheaply made.

It was good at cutting pizza, though. We needed some extra downward motion to get through the crust, but once through it had no trouble cutting the rest of the pizza, and it didn't need repeated motions to cut properly. It didn't push the toppings around, either.

This pizza cutter was easy to clean after use.

Overall we don't think you'll be disappointed if you buy this pizza cutter. It just doesn't quite match the superior build quality of others we tested, several of which are also cheaper to buy.

Chef Aid Pizza Cutter 10E10427

Chef Aid Pizza Cutter

Only available at Amazon: £0.69.

Blade diameter: 6.6cm

Handle size: 10 x 2cm

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Hanging hole, plastic blade cover included

Pros: Compact, easy to clean

Cons: Average at cutting, poor build quality, can't detach the blade for sharpening

Our verdict: This is the cheapest pizza cutter we tested, and sadly we felt it showed.

It's a simple, compact cutter that's easy enough to store and clean, but we had some difficulties using it.

The stainless steel handle is thin and provides hardly any grip or added comfort, and we noticed that the cutting wheel on the one we tested appeared to be slightly misaligned from the handle.

The blade was also not especially sharp. It did the job of cutting the pizza, but it required some repeated cutting and tended to squash the crusts instead of cutting through them.

Joseph Joseph Disc Easy-Clean Pizza Wheel

Cheapest price: £9.60 at Dunelm, also available at Amazon, Debenhams (out of stock), Fenwick, Joseph Joseph (out of stock).

Blade diameter: 9.7cm

Handle size: 12 x 2cm

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Reversible silicone blade guard, detachable cutting blade

Pros: Good build quality, compact

Cons: Average at cutting, tricky to clean

Our verdict: As pizza cutters go this one has plenty of bells and whistles, but it doesn't match our Best Buys for cutting effectiveness, and it's not easy to clean despite having a detachable blade.

If you're short on drawer space this type of pizza cutter will definitely appeal. Without a handle, pizza cutters such as this one are about as compact as they get.

This pizza cutter also has a few useful features. The detachable wheel makes it easier to sharpen, and you can flip the rubberised handle and secure it to the blade when it's not in use. This will protect it against getting blunted in the kitchen drawer.

You might think the detachable blade would also make it easier to clean, but the plastic casing still needs to be attached to the wheel during cutting, so crumbs and pizza sauce can easily get stuck inside the casing. For us this makes it far less 'Easy-Clean' than it appears.

It does the job of slicing pizza, but we found the wheel a little stiff to turn and it had a tendency to squash the crusts before cutting through them. This made it less comfortable to use than we were expecting.

Overall we don't think this is one of the best pizza cutters we tested, but it will suffice if you're short on space in the kitchen drawer.

KitchenAid Classic Plastic Pizza Wheel

Cheapest price: £8.50 at Argos, also available at Amazon, Ocado.

Blade diameter: 9cm

Handle size: 11 x 2.2cm

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Plastic blade cover included

Pros: Easy to clean

Cons: Average at cutting, size and shape could make it difficult to store, handle lacks grip, can't detach the blade for sharpening

Our verdict: Although it's a similar price to the Best Buy pizza cutters, we don't think this KitchenAid cutter matches them for quality.

The handle is made of shiny hard plastic, which offers little in the way of extra grip, and feels slippery and cheaply made.

This affected the level of comfort and control during cutting. The slices we cut were OK, but the cutter did take some cheese and toppings along with it as it cut.

As with most of the pizza cutters we tested, we found this one easy to clean, but that's about all it has going for it.

Kuoniiyeu Bicycle Pizza Cutter Wheel GDS-19

Only available at Amazon: £7.99.

Blade diameter: 7.5cm

Handle size: 7.3 x 1.7cm

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Stand for bicycle-wheel blade included

Pros: Two wheels help with cutting

Cons: Average at cutting, poor build quality, uncomfortable handle, tricky to clean, can't detach blades for sharpening

Our verdict: If you tune in to the Tour De France every July, you might be drawn in by this novelty pizza cutter. Don't be fooled, though - we think it's about as much use as a flat tyre.

Out of the box we immediately thought the bicycle frame was made of cheap and flimsy plastic, and the handlebars were misaligned with the front wheel.

Having a backup rear wheel is useful when cutting the pizza, especially as the front wheel didn't do an especially good job in the first instance. We had to use extra force and make repeated cuts to slice through pizzas fully, which led to some discomfort when holding the bicycle frame.

Cleaning it wasn't the most straightforward task, either. The lack of a proper handhold made it slippery and difficult to handle.

Although this might be a fun pizza cutter to look at, we don't think it's fun to use. We'd give it a miss.

Ooni Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Wheel

Cheapest price: £14.99 at John Lewis (in store only), Ooni

Blade diameter: 10cm

Handle size: 14 x 3cm

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Hanging hole, plastic blade cover included

Pros: Excellent at cutting, well built, comfortable, easy to clean

Cons: Can't detach the blade for sharpening

Our verdict: Ooni's pizza cutter fell just short of our Best Buy recommendation because the handle doesn't provide quite as much grip as the pizza cutters from Oxo and John Lewis. Otherwise, it's fantastic.

It's one of the larger pizza cutters we tested but the handle is flat, which helps to minimise the space it takes up in the kitchen drawer.

We were pleased with the build quality. It's strong and sturdy, the blade is made of smooth and well-finished stainless steel, and the handle is comfortable despite not being rubberised.

Cutting pizza was about as straightforward as it gets. The sharp blade is bevelled on both sides, which helps it to slice through crust and base easily without dragging any cheese or toppings around.

It's simple to clean, too.

As you might expect, you do pay more for the Ooni name, but you'll likely feel it was money well spent when you use this pizza cutter. It's brilliant.

ProCook Pizza Cutter

Only available at Procook: £4 (grey out of stock, other colours available)

Blade diameter: 7.7cm

Handle size: 10.2 x 2cm

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Plastic blade cover included

Pros: Comfortable, compact

Cons: Average at cutting, handle has no grip, tricky to clean, can't detach the blade for sharpening

Our verdict: ProCook's low-priced pizza cutter is certainly portable, but we found it a bit of a nightmare to clean, so we'd give it a miss overall.

Similar in design to the Joseph Joseph pizza cutter reviewed above, this one does away with the classic handle design to give you a much more compact tool. It also comes with a hard plastic blade cover, which will help protect the blade against becoming blunt in the kitchen drawer.

However, we didn't think the blade of the one we tested was especially sharp to begin with. It didn't fail to slice our pizzas, but it did take a bit of extra effort to get it through the crust, and required some repeated cuts to fully separate the slices.

This was also one of the most frustrating pizza cutters to clean. As the cutting wheel turns, a section of it goes inside the plastic casing below the handle, which is an annoying place for pizza sauce and cheese to get stuck. As the opening of the casing is thin, you'll need to rinse it through and hope for the best. There's no way of getting a sponge in there to make sure there's nothing stuck inside.

It might be a space-saver, but we weren't impressed by the cutting power of this ProCook pizza wheel, and the frustrations we had cleaning it mean we can't recommend it.

Tesco Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

Tesco Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

Only available at Tesco: £3.

Blade diameter: 6.1cm

Handle size: 11.3 x 2cm

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Hanging hole, plastic blade cover included

Pros: Good at cutting, compact, easy to clean

Cons: Can't detach the blade for sharpening

Our verdict: At this price you might end up paying more for your pizza than the tool you used to cut it with, and although it doesn't match the best pizza cutters we tested, we think Tesco's one has plenty going for it.

It's a simple and modestly sized pizza cutter made of stainless steel. There isn't anything extra in terms of grip, and the handle is thin, so if you're keen to have total control over your pizza slicing this one probably won't meet your requirements.

We were happy with how efficiently it sliced through pizzas in our tests, though. It cut deftly through each slice and didn't disturb the toppings or cheese.

We had no problems cleaning it, either.

If you aren't interested in spending too much on a pizza cutter, we'd recommend chucking this one in your shopping cart the next time you do a Tesco shop. It does the job and it does it well.

Weber Pizza Cutter

Cheapest price: £19.60 available at Amazon, also available at Weber.

Blade diameter: 10.2cm

Handle size: 12.5 x 3cm

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: None

Pros: Excellent at cutting, good build quality, comfortable, easy to clean

Cons: Large size could make it difficult to store, can't detach the blade for sharpening

Our verdict: We were happy with Weber's large and effective pizza cutter, but you can get slightly better ones for less than half the price.

It has a large stainless steel cutting wheel and a thick rubberised handle, which provides excellent grip but takes up more space than others.

We found it robust and comfortable to hold, but it did have a few bumps and mould lines left over from manufacturing, so it wasn't finished as smartly as some of the other pizza cutters we tested.

The sharp blade glided easily through the pizza we cooked, and it didn't take much effort to get it sparkling clean again afterwards.

Overall we think this is a high quality, albeit expensive pizza cutter.

Using a pair of scissors to cut a pizza

Alternatives to pizza cutters

As well as classic pizza cutting wheels, we tested a few alternatives to see if specialist tools like mezzaluna blades can do even better, or if you'll be fine just using your kitchen scissors.

Dreamfarm Pizza Scissors DFSC2010

Only available at Amazon: £19.96.

Blade size: 9 x 2cm

Handle size: 10 x 3cm

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Handle lock, spatula shoe

Pros: Good build quality, comfortable, easy to clean

Cons: Poor at cutting, size and shape make it difficult to store

Our verdict: You'd think scissors made especially for pizza would outperform your bog-standard pair of kitchen scissors, but we found Dreamfarm's Pizza Scissors disappointing.

They're surprisingly large, and although the handle lock helps to reduce the space they take up in the kitchen drawer, their shape and size make them harder to tuck away neatly.

There are a few extra features on these scissors that we felt were more of a hindrance than a help. The handles are spring-loaded, which actually made us feel less in control while cutting, and the 'spatula shoe' at the bottom, which is supposed to help you separate and serve the slices, was obstructive. It made it tricky to remove the scissors from underneath the pizza to move on to the next slice without taking the last slice along with it.

The sharp blades had no trouble cutting through the pizza, but as the top blade came down it also dragged toppings and cheese down with it, leaving us with a few patches that had just pizza sauce and nothing else on them.

Ultimately we feel these Dreamfarm Pizza Scissors aren't the greatest tool for cutting pizza, and strike us as a somewhat over-engineered product.

Lakeland Dough Scraper

Only available at Lakeland: £5.99. 

Blade size: 15.2 x 9.5cm

Handle size: 15.5 x 3.5cm

Dishwasher safe: Not stated

Extra features: Blade is labelled in inches

Pros: Good at cutting, good build quality, comfortable, easy to clean

Cons: Size and shape could make it difficult to store, blade isn't long enough for neat cuts

Our verdict: If you like to make pizza dough from scratch you might have a dough scraper knocking around, and we think they're pretty good for cutting pizza.

The blade on Lakeland's dough scraper is thin and sharp, which is as good for separating slices of pizza as it is at chopping up dough.

We also found the handle comfortable and easy to grip.

It does, however, require a bit of downward force when cutting, which might put some people off.

The blade is also not long enough to cut the pizza right the way across, so you'll need to lift the dough scraper out and push it down again in line with the first cut to slice.

Ooni Rocker Cutter Pizza Slicer

Cheapest price: £15.95 at Harts of Stur (out of stock), also available at John Lewis (in store only), Lakeland.

Blade size: 35 x 6.5cm

Handle size: 38 x 2cm

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: None

Pros: Excellent at cutting, good build quality, comfortable, easy to clean

Cons: Very large size makes it difficult to store

Our verdict: It might seem like overkill to have such a large cutter just for pizza, but if you're a pizza enthusiast or just love using quirky kitchen tools, we'd highly recommend Ooni's Rocker Cutter.

At 35cm long, the blade can cut a 12-inch pizza in half in one smooth motion. The curve of the blade encourages you to start the cut at one side of the pizza and then rock the cutter across.

We only needed to rock the cutter once to get it to slice our pizza perfectly in half. The blade is sharp and heavy, and it had no trouble slicing through the crust and base without disturbing the toppings.

With its size comes a bigger cleaning job, but we didn't find it difficult.

The only major issue you might have with it is storing it away - this is definitely too big for the kitchen drawer.

It's sure to wow guests when you serve up your pizza, though, and we think it's a classy and highly effective tool overall. We definitely recommend it.

OXO Good Grips Kitchen and Herb Scissors

Cheapest price: £15 at Amazon, John Lewis, M&S, also available at Lakeland.

Blade size: 8.5 x 2.5cm

Handle size: 7 x 2cm

Dishwasher safe: Not stated

Extra features: Herb stripper, blades can be separated for cleaning

Pros: Good build quality, comfortable, compact, easy to clean

Cons: Only average at cutting pizza

Our verdict: This might be one of the best pairs of the best kitchen scissors, but we weren't blown away when we used them to cut pizza.

The blades are undeniably sharp and had no trouble cutting through the crust and base, but as with the Dreamfarm Pizza Scissors, the top blade tended to drag the toppings and cheese off the slices it was cutting.

The handles are perfectly comfortable, though, and they're thoughtfully designed to suit both right-handed and left-handed users.

They're also easy to clean, as you can separate the blades.

Some swear by using kitchen scissors to cut pizza, and we do agree that they succeed at it, but we think you'll lose too many toppings along the way.

Can you use a pizza cutter on a pizza stone?

Pizza stones are handy cooking surfaces for pizza. Most are made of moisture-absorbent cordierite, which helps to crisp up the base, and they can withstand incredibly high temperatures without cracking.

However, if you score it with a blade, the surface of the pizza stone will wear away.

No one wants powdered cordierite on their pizza, so we'd avoid cutting your pizza on a pizza stone. We recommend transferring it to a wooden or plastic chopping board or a serving paddle instead.

The pizza stone's hard surface is also sure to blunt your pizza cutter, which will reduce its effectiveness.

Most pizza ovens come with a pizza stone included. Head to our pizza oven reviews to see which ones we recommend.

What should I look for in a pizza cutter?

  • A comfortable handle with an effective grip will make pizza cutting more straightforward and controlled. Look for handles that are shaped to fit your hand and have rubberised grips to prevent them slipping.
  • If you like deep-pan Chicago-style pizzas, a cutting wheel with a large diameter is probably best for you. The arm that attaches the pizza wheel to the handle can catch and drag toppings if the pizza is thick and the wheel is small.
  • Bevelled edges indicate a sharp blade. Some pizza cutters only have a bevelled edge on one side of the wheel, and these aren't as sharp as those with bevelled edges on both sides. Look out for this to ensure you're getting a sharp and effective pizza cutter.

In our kitchen knives test we carefully judged how sharp and effective each one was to help us find the best.

How to use a pizza cutter and how to sharpen it

To cut perfect slices of pizza and keep your cutting tool in top condition, follow these handy tips:

Tips for using a pizza cutter

  • Cut from the middle of the pizza This is the point of least resistance, and is also helpful in ensuring the pizza is cut perfectly in half. Starting from the centre will help you to cut your slices in equal sizes.
  • Slice it straight away The longer your pizza is out of the oven before you slice it, the harder the top gets. This is likely to make it harder to cut, with more toppings and cheese getting dragged out of place. Cut your pizza as soon as possible after taking it out of the oven.
  • Cut all the way across Cutting the pizza one slice at a time is sure to result in uneven and untidy slices. Cut in a straight line from the middle to the edge of the pizza, and then along that same line to the opposite edge.

Tips for sharpening your pizza cutter

  • A knife sharpener works If you have a knife sharpener you can use it to sharpen your cutting wheel, but because the wheel turns, it can be difficult. You'll need to hold the wheel still while sharpening it, so take care and wear protective gloves to avoid cutting yourself.
  • Detach the wheel if you can There aren't many pizza cutters with detachable cutting wheels, but if you are able to separate the blade from the handle you'll have a much easier time sharpening it. This is because the handle can get in the way and cause the wheel to turn.
  • Whetstones also work Although they're far less likely to appear in your kitchen than a knife sharpener, whetstones work well as an alternative. This is because you apply the whetstone to the wheel rather than the other way round, so you can place the cutter on a flat surface and avoid turning the wheel as you sharpen it.

See our top recommended knife sharpeners.

How we tested pizza cutters

We bought 11 of the UK's top-selling pizza-cutting wheels, and four alternative tools you could use to cut pizza if you don't have a cutting wheel. 

We cooked both thin crust and deep-pan pizzas and cut them up to find out which pizza cutters are the best tools for the job.

Build quality and storage

Well-made pizza cutters are neatly finished, free of blemishes and thoughtfully made, with well-shaped handles and no unexpected annoyances.

We judged each pizza cutter on these criteria and also considered how easily they could be stored in a kitchen drawer.

Cutting effectiveness and comfort

To find out how good each cutter is at slicing pizza, we cooked up a mixture of thin crust and deep-pan pizzas in the same oven at their precise recommended temperatures and timings.

We cooked Goodfella's Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza and Goodfella's Deep Pan Pepperoni Pizza, as both have plenty of toppings that could be dislodged by a poor quality pizza cutter.

We used the same technique to cut each pizza, and judged each cutter on how easily we were able to cut the slices, as well as how much each pizza cutter disturbed the toppings and cheese.

We also judged how comfortable they were to handle and how much effort was required to use them.


After we were finished with each pizza cutter, we handwashed it and checked for any little nooks or crannies where pizza sauce and cheese could get stuck, making cleaning a more difficult task.

Want to kit out your kitchen drawer with all our tried and tested recommendations? See our full list of kitchen utensil reviews.