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Updated: 1 Jun 2022

Best mattress shops

Where is the best place to buy a mattress to ensure good advice and hassle-free delivery? Find out in our guide to the best mattress shops.
Aaron West
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We've asked more than 2,500 UK mattress owners about their shopping experiences to reveal the best and worst places to buy a new mattress — whether you want to shop online or in-store.

Our latest survey rates leading shops including Bensons for Beds, Furniture Village, Ikea and John Lewis when buying a mattress. Only the best mattress retailers get top marks for quality advice and arranging an easy delivery.

The top mattress shop in our survey got a Which? customer score of 83%, although it wasn't rated the very best for value for money. The lowest customer score was still a respectable 72%, so whether you want to buy a mattress in-store or online, there's somewhere decent for everyone. In the very best shops you can expect excellent advice, excellent product quality and ease of arranging a delivery.

Best and worst mattress stores

Which? members can log in to unlock the scores in the tables below and access the detailed information on each mattress shop. If you're not yet a member, join Which? to get instant access to our survey and so much more.

Mattress shops survey results

ShopWhich? customer scoreQuality of adviceRange of mattressesProduct qualityEase of arranging deliveryQuality of deliveryValue for money

Table notes: Based on the results of a survey of 2,851 Which? Connect panel members, conducted in August 2021.

Best and worst mattress websites

Most high street mattress retailers have an online presence, and there's also an increasing choice of online-only retailers such as Emma and Eve, which sell their own-brand 'bed-in-a-box' mattresses directly to customers.

None of the online mattress shops in our survey did badly — all got customer scores of more than 77% and were rated at least satisfactory for all other aspects of their service. 

That said, there were were some differences that could turn your mattress-buying experience from a chore to a pleasure. 

Which? members can log in to unlock the scores in the tables below and access the detailed information on each mattress shop. If you're not yet a member, join Which? to get instant access.

Mattress websites survey results

ShopWhich? customer scoreQuality of adviceRange of mattressesProduct qualityValue for moneyEase of arranging deliveryQuality of delivery

Table notes: n/a means we didn't receive enough responses to be able to provide a rating. Results based on a survey of 2,851 Which? Connect panel members in August 2021.

Should you shop for a mattress online or in-store?

Buying a mattress

In short, try a combination. Visiting a store lets you try out mattress materials and different levels of firmness, so it's easier to figure out what works best for you. Try to lie on mattresses in your normal sleep position for around 10 minutes — it's worth feeling slightly silly to guarantee a good night's sleep. 

A third of the people in our survey said they bought their mattress at least partly because it felt comfortable in the shop, and half of mattress buyers visited a store to try out a mattress before buying. 

Buying online can offer more flexibility — especially if something is wrong with the mattress.

Many online bed-in-a-box mattresses, from brands such as Emma, Eve and Simba, recognise that their online-only offer limits your ability to try before you buy. 

Most offer trial periods of up to 200 nights, giving you a much better chance to test your mattress. During this time you can usually return the mattress for a refund or exchange – just make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully before buying.

Need more advice before you buy a mattress? Read our how to return a mattress guide for top tips.

Which brand makes the most comfortable mattresses?

woman sleeping

Before you head to the shops or search online, make sure that the mattress you're buying is the right one for you. Our robust tests can tell you how durable a mattress is, whether it will last the test of time before you need to replace it, and whether it feels warm or cool to sleep on, as well as its firmness rating and how breathable it will be. 

However, our tests can't tell you how comfortable you'll find it. Comfort is so subjective that we leave it up to you to tell us what you think. We survey mattress owners and ask them about the mattresses they own.

The best mattress brands get the full five stars for comfort, with our top-scoring brand achieving a Which? customer score of 87%. Compare that with the brands at the bottom of the table, which have customer scores around 70-71% and a middling three-star rating for comfort, as well as just two stars for value for money. 

Find out our full survey results by in our guide to the best mattress brands.

If you already know which brand you'd like but want to narrow down your specific mattress choice, head to our mattress reviews to find out which mattresses made it as Best Buys, below are links to some of our most popular brands. 

How we rated mattress shops

In August 2021, we asked 2,851 members who had bought a mattress in the past five to 10 years whether they were satisfied with the shop they bought it from and whether they'd recommend it to a friend. We combined these ratings to create a customer score for each mattress brand. 

We also asked members how they'd rate the shop for quality of advice, range of mattresses, value for money and ease of arranging delivery.

Our retailer survey covers buying a mattress only. Head over to our guide on the best furniture and homeware shops if you want to find out how retailers such as Dreams, Furniture Village or John Lewis do when it comes to buying furniture.

Not yet a member? Join Which? today to get access to the results of our mattress shop survey, plus find out how more than 100 mattresses scored when we put them through our lab tests.