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Top five memory foam mattresses for 2020

By Ben Slater

We reveal our pick of the best – and worst – memory foam mattresses, helping you to wake up feeling refreshed for many years to come.

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Do you like the idea of sinking into a memory foam mattress, but worry that it will restrict your movement or feel too warm to lie on? If so, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up the top five memory foam mattresses, helping you to pick one that will help you get a great night's sleep with none of the compromises.

We've delved through the data from our independent and rigorous mattress tests to bring you our pick of mattresses containing memory foam. We've also highlighted an expensive Don't Buy you should avoid if you're looking for a supportive mattress that will stand the test of time.

Time and time again, our results have conclusively proven that you don't need to spend a fortune to get a great mattress. You may be surprised how little a good night's sleep can cost when you scroll down to see our memory foam mattress recommendations. Or, if you're looking for a pocket sprung or latex mattress, or maybe just an ordinary foam one, take a look at our full list of mattress reviews to find the best option for you.

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Top five memory foam mattresses


As far as we’re concerned, this pocket sprung and memory foam hybrid is the best mattress money can buy right now. It provides good support whatever position you sleep in; it’s excellent at preventing the transfer of movement from one side of the bed to the other; and you can sleep safe in the knowledge that it will stand the test of time without sagging, softening or becoming less supportive.


This is another hybrid mattress that's delivered vacuum-packed in a box. It's called a hybrid because it's made up of similar amounts of foam and springs though this also has several layers of natural comfort fillings, including wool and cashmere. It gives a good level of support, no matter whether you're big or small and sleep on your back or side. And this support won't deteriorate over time nor will the mattress sag or soften. So, if you like the feel of it when new, you can sleep safe in the knowledge that you still will in years to come.

Table last updated on 30 April 2020.

A memory foam mattress to avoid


This mattress combines memory foam with pocket springs — but unfortunately not to good effect. It provides very poor spinal support for people sleeping on their back and to make matters worse, the support for back-sleepers becomes even worse over time, while the mattress also sags dramatically.

Which? members can log in to view all our recommendations in the table above. If you're not yet a member, join Which? to get instant access to our table and all of our online reviews.

Which? mattress reviews

All our mattress reviews are based on extremely rigorous and independent testing, so you can rest assured that our results will help you find the very best mattress for you.

Whether you're big or small, and sleep on your back or your side, we test every mattress to see how well it will support your spine. If you sleep on your back, a great mattress will keep your spine in the same shape as when standing; if you sleep on your side, your spine should keep your spine parallel to the mattress. That's what we look for when we test body support.

To make sure the support doesn't deteriorate with time, we perform all the tests again once we have simulated eight to ten years of use in our durability tests.

It's not just about support and durability, though. We also measure how breathable a mattress is, how easy it is to turn over on, and how stable it is. So, whether you're a sweaty sleeper, or a light sleeper who's sick of being disturbed by their partner, we've tested something that will suit you.


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