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Updated: 23 Mar 2022

Lidl nappies rated by parents

Lidl nappies are some of the cheapest on the market. Find out whether parents rate them highly and see how they compare with nappies from brands including Pampers and Aldi.
Rebecca Marcus
Baby in nappy

We asked UK parents to rate big-name nappy brands, including Lidl, on value for money, comfort, fit, ease of use and absorbency.

Of more than 1,000 parents surveyed in March 2020, 16% were currently using Lidl nappies. This is far less than rival brand Aldi Mamia which were used by 31% of parents.

We asked parents to score each nappy brand on five key criteria: ease of use, value for money, fit, comfort and absorbency. We used these results to give star ratings out of five, alongside customer satisfaction scores.

See how disposable-nappy brands including Asda, Aldi, Pampers and Tesco stack up against each other in our guide to the best disposable nappies.

Or read on to find out more about Lidl nappies and how parents rated them. 

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Lidl Nappies
Ease of use
Value for money

Lidl Nappies

Lidl nappies

Lidl nappies come in various sizes, ranging from newborn to extra large.

  • Size 1 Newborn (2-5kg) – 4p per nappy
  • Size 2 Mini (3-6kg) – 4p per nappy
  • Size 3 Midi (4-9kg) – 5p per nappy
  • Size 4 Maxi (7-18kg) – 5-6p per nappy
  • Size 4+ Maxi (9-20kg) – 6-7p per nappy
  • Size 5 Junior (11-25kg) – 6-7p per nappy
  • Size 5+ Junior (13-27kg) – 8p per nappy
  • Size 6 Extra Large (15kg) – 10p per nappy
  • Size 6+ Extra Large (16+kg) – 11p per nappy

Lidl Nappy Pants

Lidl nappy pants


Lidl’s nappy pants, which are designed to be used at the potty-training stage, are available in size 5 and size 6.

  • Size 5 Junior Active Plus (13-20kg) – 10p per nappy
  • Size 6 Extra Large (18kg) – 11p per nappy

Lidl Baby Wipes

Lidl wipes

Lidl also offers a range of cheap baby wipes.

  • Newborn Baby Wipes –55p (56-pack)
  • Comfort Baby Wipes – 49p (64-pack)
  • Sensitive Baby Wipes – 49p (64-pack)

Lidl nappies price comparison

Lidl nappies are some of the cheapest on the market, with prices similar to that of Aldi and own-brand offerings from the likes of Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco. Its nappies cost 4p to 11p each, depending on nappy size, whereas some Pampers nappies can cost more than 30p each. Lidl nappies can't be bought online, so these might only be a viable option if you have a Lidl store nearby. 

Prices checked December 2019.

How to save money on disposable nappies

Even if you're using a cheaper brand such as Lidl, disposable nappies work out more expensive than reusable nappies. Follow these tips to save money on disposable nappies:

  • Buy larger packs to reduce costs. But be wary of bulk-buying too much in one size – especially for newborns and younger babies – as your baby may outgrow them sooner than you expect.
  • Take advantage of special offers. If you're not loyal to one particular brand, special offers can really help you to save. The competition between nappy manufacturers is such that offers are often available. Subscription services such as Amazon Family offer up to 20% off nappies, including Pampers.
  • Look out for free nappies and money-off nappy vouchers through baby clubs.