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Updated: 29 Dec 2021

Best Brother printers

Brother makes inkjet and laser printers for the consumer market. Find out more about Brother and see some of the best Brother printers to buy.
Felix Wilson
Brother printers

Brother makes both inkjet and laser printers, with prices starting at around £30. 

Read on to find out if you should buy one, and which are the best Brother laser printers and inkjet printers to buy for home use.

Should I buy a Brother printer?

Brother may have been founded well over 100 years ago in Japan as a sewing machine maker, but it is now most widely known as a producer of printers for businesses and consumers.

The brand has lost ground to rivals such as HP and Epson in recent years, but it can still turn out a top-quality laser and inkjet printer that does well in our expert testing. However, not all Brother printers are worth buying, with some even hovering just above the Don't Buy level.

Want to see expert reviews of  Brother printers? See a selection of top-rated Brother printers below, or find every model we've tested in our printer reviews.

Best Brother printers

  • 76%

    This is a compact laser printer built primarily for printing black-text documents. It has wi-fi and AirPrint for wireless printing. Although it can’t scan or copy, this model is a fantastic and affordable printer for your home.

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  • 73%

    Almost a small office printer, this A4 mono laser turns out fantastic-looking black-text prints and it benefits from rock-bottom printing costs. If you print regularly and don't want to make constant trips to buy toner, it will be right up your street.

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  • 69%

    This colour laser printer can quietly churn out excellent text and office documents and it's pleasingly affordable to run. Although it prints in colour, it's not the best for photos.

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Some of the models we've selected aren't recent launches, but they're still some of the highest performing printers out there. You can check our printer reviews page for new reviews monthly. Pricing, test scores and recommendations correct as of December 2021.

Brother printers compared: which range is best for you?

With Brother printers, consumer 'HL' models are all standard laser printers. They can cost just a few hundred pounds, but go into the thousands for the higher-end models.

Models with 'DCP' in their name are multifunction (or all-in-one) printers that can't fax. If you want fax function, go for the higher-end 'MFC' models. Both the DCP and MFC names can be attached to either laser or inkjet printers. Typically, models with a 'J' in the name are the inkjets and an 'L' denotes it's a laser.

If you see a DW (sometimes lower case as dw), then the printer has duplex (it automatically prints on both sides of the page) and wi-fi to connect it to the internet wirelessly.