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Updated: 10 Feb 2022

Best HP printers

HP has a good record of producing great quality printers, but it doesn't always get it right. We show you the best HP printers you can buy.
Felix Wilson
Hp printers

HP offers a huge range of printers, including inkjet models such as the Envy, DeskJet, OfficeJet series, and laser printers, including Laserjets. 

Read on to find out if you should buy a HP printer, which ones we recommend, and learn more about its HP Instant Ink service.

Should I buy an HP printer?

Although it does make laser printers, HP mostly produces inkjet printers, including the Envy, DeskJet, OfficeJet and new PageWide models.

Alongside traditional replacement ink cartridges, some printers support HP's Instant Ink service. You pay a subscription fee and print whatever you want – text, images or photos. It starts at £1.99 a month for 50 pages, then goes to £3.49 for 100 pages or £7.99 for 300 pages. 

Unused pages roll on to the next month and HP automatically sends out a new ink cartridge when you need one. For those who print frequently, it looks enticing. However, our research indicates that Which? members typically only print 20 black text pages and 10 colour pages a month, and rarely print photos. So, be aware that you could end up paying for more printing than you really need. 

You can read our guide on HP Instant Ink and if it's worth buying an HP printer for here. 

Another thing to bear in mind is HP Dynamic Security. This is a feature which can recognise and stop the use of cartridges which aren’t HP, so you won’t be able to use third-party ink or toner in these models. You can find this information on HP's website and we'll flag in our reviews if a printer has this limitation.

Want to see expert reviews of HP printers? See a selection of top-rated HP printers below, or find every model we've tested in our printer reviews.

Best HP printers for 2022

Below, we've highlighted our pick of the best HP printers we've tested. Some of the models we've selected aren't recent launches, but they're still some of the highest performing printers out there. You can check our printer reviews page for new reviews monthly. 

  • 73%
    • best buy

    This big-brand laser printer is remarkably compact consider that it can copy and scan, as well as print up to A4 in size. It has wi-fi and wireless printing features such as AirPrint. See if this is the laser printer for you by logging in or joining Which?.

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  • 72%
    • best buy

    If you don't want your printer to take up too much space on your desk, this big-brand laser model will be right up your street. It can't copy or scan, but is superb at printing black-text documents.

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  • 71%
    • best buy

    This ink tank printer isn’t as good as some we’ve seen from rival brands, but it’s still a Best Buy, and it’s among your best options if you’re an HP loyalist. The refillable ink tanks make it much cheaper to run than any cartridge printers we’ve tested, but print quality is fairly average.

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Pricing, recommendations and test scores correct as of February 2022.

Compare HP printers: which range is best for you?

Deskjet and OfficeJet: These inkjet printers are designed for home office printing. Officejet printers tend to be more fully-featured with functions such as automatic document feeders. Deskjet printers, by contrast, are more basic but also cheaper to buy.

Envy: HP's Envy range is aimed squarely at consumers, and mostly casual printers. These typically affordable machines usually have plenty of wireless printing options, such as Apple AirPrint, and often support HP's Instant ink subscription service.

LaserJet: HP also makes laser printers under the LaserJet Pro range. These come in colour and monochrome types, and go from basic printers to fully-featured, almost office printers.

Neverstop: HP's Neverstop laser printers work in a similar way to inkjet tank printers. Instead of toner cartridges, Neverstop models use a special kit to reload the toner tank. This type of technology usually makes printers very economical to run.

PageWide: PageWide is designed to mix the best of an inkjet and laser printer in one solution. It uses a new technology involving hundreds of print heads spanning the entire width of the page. HP claims it prints much more quickly than traditional inkjets (at a quite incredible, claimed speed of 45 pages per minute), with lower ink costs. The downside is both the printer and specialist cartridges are expensive to buy.