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Top five best range cookers

By Hannah Fox

Our pick of the best range cookers we've tested. Brilliant dual-fuel, gas and induction cookers, plus our cheapest Best Buy.

Put us to the test

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A great range cooker will not only look impressive, but will turn out tasty, perfectly cooked meals for years to come. You might want one with a traditional Aga-style look, but you probably don't want it to have prehistoric cooking skills.

Which range cookers are the best?

Our tough tests rate how well each cooker bakes, grills and heats - weeding out the models that can't stick to the right temperature, or leave food half-baked. 

We've selected five of our favourite range cookers to help you pick one that won't let you down in the kitchen. All scored highly in our tests. So whether you're after a gas, electric or dual-fuel model, we'll help take the guesswork out of choosing. 

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A top range cooker


Our best cooker overall, this dual-fuel model is very impressive. The gas hob cooks very well and has five burners including a large wok burner. Both ovens are very quick to heat up - the right oven takes just over six minutes to get to 180°C - and they cook evenly, too.

Great dual-fuel range cooker


This excellent dual-fuel range cooker bursts with features but does the basics well, too. Both ovens heat up quickly and accurately, staying at the temperature you set on the dial. Both the ovens have catalytic linings, which make cleaning less of a chore. The gas hob works well, and has a griddle plate and a large wok burner.

Excellent gas range cooker


This gas range cooker is super-quick to heat up - you'll wait just four-and-a-half minutes for the main oven to reach 180°C, and it stays pretty much spot-on this temperature all the time, which is a great result. The large hob has seven burners including a wok burner.

Best induction range cooker


This stylish-looking range cooker has a got a great induction hob, which is able to simmer food to perfection and it's easy to clean. Find out whether this range cooker will also bake and brown your dishes to perfection, by reading our detailed review.

Cheap dual-fuel range cooker


With two fan ovens, grill and gas hob, this dual-fuel range cooker offers versatile cooking options for a relatively small price. It's only 90cm wide, but you can bake four trays of muffins in one oven while making your roast dinner in the other. What else is this range cooker capable of? Read our expert review to find out more.

Why Which? range cooker reviews are better

Whether it's regular day-to-day cooking or occasional cooking for a crowd, you'll want a range cooker that gives reliably great results. Only Which? reviews can reveal the best range cookers

We've tested cookers from many big brands including Rangemaster, Belling, Stoves, Smeg and Leisure, so you can find one that suits your style and your pocket.

We test range cookers in all the areas that are important to you: how quickly does the oven heat up, for example, and does it keep to the temperature it's supposed to? We've found many ovens that veer away alarmingly from the temperature you set it to, leaving you with undercooked or burnt food. 

We bake both cakes and shortbread in our oven tests, which show just how good each oven is at supplying and spreading heat evenly.

We also check the grill - most grills don't completely cover the grill pan beneath, but some are really poor, struggling to heat up even half the area. Next, we rate how quickly the hob can heat up a big pan of water, and whether it's capable of gentle simmering - for more delicate cooking jobs.

Finally, we assess how easy the range cooker is to use and clean - which can make the difference between cooking being a pleasure or a chore.

To find the right and very best range cooker for you, head straight to our range cooker reviews.


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