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Reliable strimmer brands

By Adele Dyer

Which? surveyed thousands of strimmer owners to uncover the most and least reliable brands. Discover which brands top our table below. 

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Most and least reliable strimmer brands

Every two years, we survey thousands of Which? members to find out which brands of strimmer are reliable. We ask members if their strimmers have developed any faults, what these faults are, and how long before they occurred. From this, we're able to answer definitively which brands you should choose and which you should avoid. 

Strimmers generally suffer from a great number of faults, particularly line-feed problems, and this is why the reliability score is so low overall. However, some brands score much more highly than others. This highest-scoring brand is 67% for a brand of cordless strimmers, while the lowest is just 27% for a brand of electric strimmers. Find out which are our Best Buy strimmers

The table below reveals reliability ratings for six popular electric, cordless and petrol strimmer brands, based on the experiences of more than 1,000 strimmer owners. Our unique reliability ratings show at-a-glance how the brands of strimmer stack up against one another for reliability. Which? members should log in now to unlock the scores in the table. If you're not yet a Which? member, try full access for one month with a £1 trial to Which?.

Strimmer brand reliability
Strimmer brand reliability
Brand Reliability rating Reliability score

Table notes
Ratings based on a survey of over 1,000 Which? members who own strimmers in April and May 2015.


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How strimmer brands compare

Several manufacturers make more than one kind of strimmer: electric, cordless or petrol. However, different brands top each category, and we have found this as well with our best strimmers.  

The most reliable strimmers seem to be cordless ones. However, cordless strimmers have typically been owned for only four years compared to six years for electric strimmers and eight years for petrol models. 

Many strimmers score poorly in our survey as they suffer from one very common fault: line-feed problems. Around two thirds of electric strimmer owners complain about the line-feed mechanism jamming, but only one third of cordless strimmer owners and half of petrol strimmer owners. Look at our tips on how to avoid line-feed problems

This may be down to the amount owners are willing to pay for these tools. Which? members tell us they spend far less on electric strimmers than on cordless or petrol models. In our tests we have found strimmers that only cost £20-£30 do not give good value for money. 

Common strimmer problems

  • Line feed jams 48%
  • Line breaks easily 37%
  • Hard to replace line 32%
  • Not enough line fed out 27%

Through our survey we have seen just how many people find strimmers frustrating to use thanks to problems with the line feed mechanism. This can turn what should be a quick job into a much more lengthy task. 

Cordless strimmers often had battery problems as well, with a quarter of owners telling us their batteries would not hold charge. 

Strimmer reviews you can trust

Using a strimmer can make light work of tidying the garden, but if you buy one that's not up to the job, it can be a costly mistake. Our tests put strimmers through their paces on every task you would use a strimmer for, as well as trying to find which will have line-feed problems. 

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