NHS & private maternity care

Private maternity hospitals and facilities

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Private hospitals and private maternity units are available in some parts of the UK. Find out what’s available and where you can find the care you want.

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Private maternity care

You can pay to give birth in a private hospital, or in a private facility within an NHS hospital. Private facilities are mostly located in London and the south of England.

In a recent survey of nearly 2,000 parents, we found that while most women give birth on the NHS, around 5% opted to give birth in a private hospital. Their main reason for doing so was to get ‘more personalised medical care’, closely followed by a desire for additional comfort. You can find out more about the differences between NHS and private maternity care here.

If you choose to give birth in a private hospital, or the private wing of an NHS hospital, your obstetrician will usually look after you in labour, but you can also have midwife-led care.

Once you’ve given birth, you’ll have a private en-suite room with hotel-like facilities and catering. Private midwives will support you for your immediate postnatal care. Women having an NHS birth sometimes choose to pay to have a private ‘amenity’ room to stay in after they have given birth. These rooms cost between £25 and £200 a night.

Use our unique Birth Choice tool to compare your local NHS maternity units and find out if they offer private rooms or private midwifery care.

Having private care during labour from a private midwife can cost around £2,000 – £5,000, although packages will vary and giving birth in a private hospital is likely to be much more than this. If you need an obstetrician, you’ll need to pay their fees on top. Contact the private providers listed below for more detailed information on costs and available packages.

Private hospitals and maternity wings

Private hospitals or private wards within hospitals are mostly located in London and the south of England. If you want to explore these private options, follow the links below to visit the websites of the hospitals that provide private care:


Other private providers of maternity care

To find out more about care from other registered providers of maternity care, such as private midwives and independent midwives, read our advice on care from non-NHS midwives.

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