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This form of NHS funding, also known as the registered nursing care contribution (RNCC), is for nursing care provided in a nursing home, but funded by the NHS.

Nursing homes (care homes with nursing care) usually employ their own registered nurses but if the NHS has assessed your relative as needing nursing care, it will pay the care home a standard rate for the nursing element of care. It won’t pay for the other care home costs, such as the accommodation.

Who can get NHS funded nursing care?

Your relative should receive NHS funding for nursing care (FNC) if:

  • they are a resident within a care home that is registered to provide nursing care; and
  • they do not qualify for NHS continuing healthcare, but have been assessed as requiring the services of a registered nurse.

How your relative is assessed

In all cases a person’s eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare should be considered before a decision to give nursing care contribution is reached. Your relative’s nursing needs should therefore have been assessed during the assessment for continuing healthcare. If your relative is in a nursing home and you think he or she should qualify for the NHS-funded nursing care payments, ask the staff in the home.

How much is FNC?

Registered nursing care can include direct nursing tasks as well as the planning, supervision and monitoring of nursing and healthcare tasks to meet your relative’s needs.

From 1 April 2018 the Funded Nursing Care payments per week are:

  • England: £158.16
  • Northern Ireland: £100
  • Wales: £149.67
  • Scotland: £249

The nursing care contribution is paid directly to the care home by the NHS. If your relative pays their own care fees, this amount should be deducted from their bill, although it might be the case that the care home will quote you a fee that doesn't include nursing costs, in which they are unlikely to pass on the FNC.

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Page last updated: April 2018