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Help to Buy equity loans

Find out whether a Help to Buy equity loan could help you buy a new-build home and, if you're eligible, discover how to apply.

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What is a Help to Buy equity loan? How do I get a Help to Buy equity loan? Help to Buy: how to repay your equity loan Should I take out an equity loan?
Is the scheme popular?

What is a Help to Buy equity loan?

The government launched the Help to Buy scheme to make it easier for people with small deposits to buy their first property and for existing homeowners to move house. 

Help to Buy equity loans are only available for new-build properties so, if you want a modern home, then a Help to Buy equity loan could be a good way to reduce the size of the deposit you need to save. 

Should I keep saving or buy a place now?

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up your mortgage repayments.

Help to Buy equity loans are available to first-time buyers and existing homeowners in England who are looking to buy a new-build property.

The government will lend you up to 20% (or up to 40% in London) of the property’s value. You will need to put down a deposit of at least 5% and get a mortgage to cover at least 75% of the property’s value.

So, if you wanted to buy a house for £200,000 with a 5% deposit you would need:

  • £10,000 deposit
  • £150,000 mortgage loan
  • £40,000 loan from the government.

Using an equity loan rather than going it alone has two key benefits: you will only need a 5% deposit and, as you’re only borrowing 75%, instead of up to 95%,  you will be able to access better mortgage rates.

You could end up paying back more or less than you borrowed, depending on whether your home rises or falls in value. For example, if you take out a 20% equity loan to buy a property worth £200,000 - a loan of £40,000 - and when you come to sell, the property is worth £250,000, you'll have to repay £50,000 – 20% of the new value of your home.

  • If you live in London, you can benefit from a larger equity loan than elsewhere in England. Find out more in our full London Help to Buy guide.

How do I get a Help to Buy equity loan?

To be eligible for a Help to Buy loan, you need to be looking for a new-build home and also must:

  • have a deposit of at least 5%
  • be looking to buy a home worth £600,000 or less
  • be purchasing a property you intend to live in most of the time
  • not let out the property or use it as a second home.

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Help to Buy: how to repay your equity loan

Although Help to Buy equity loans are interest-free for the first five years, after that, you will have to pay a monthly admin fee, which starts at 1.75% of the loan. It will then rise every year by any increase in the Retail Prices Index plus 1%.

Remember that the equity loan from the government will not decrease in size (unless you opt to repay part of it early).

So, over time, the cost of the admin fee could become pretty expensive, especially if inflation increases substantially. You will also be paying these fees in addition to your mortgage repayments.

You will need to repay the equity loan in full after 25 years, when your mortgage term finishes or when you sell your home – whichever happens first.

You will repay the market value of the loan at the time, rather than the same amount of cash that you were loaned. You can also choose to repay part of the loan early in chunks of either 10% or 20% of the total value.

Should I take out an equity loan?

If you’re interested in buying a new-build property, a Help to Buy equity loan is certainly worth considering. To apply for one, you need to contact your local Help to Buy agent

Alternatively, there are plenty of other options you could look at, including ordinary mortgages and guarantor mortgages.

  • You can learn about how the equivalent equity loan schemes work elsewhere in the UK in our guides on Help to Buy Scotland and Help to Buy Wales. Currently, Northern Ireland doesn't have an equity loan scheme running.

Is the scheme popular?

The Help to Buy equity loan scheme has been very popular with first-time buyers and home movers since its launch in 2013, though it has faced criticism in some quarters for driving up house prices.

As it stands, the scheme is set to run until 2021.

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