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Kensington mortgage review

Our Kensington mortgage review combines customer feedback with expert deal analysis to reveal whether the lender is worth considering next time you apply for a mortgage.

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Kensington mortgage customer ratings What kinds of mortgages does Kensington offer? Interest rates on Kensington mortgages Can I make overpayments?
How can I contact Kensington? Kensington mortgage eligibility What Kensington’s mortgage customers say

Kensington mortgage customer ratings

Kensington review
Which? Customer Score
23rd out of 23 mortgage lenders
Which?'s rating for customer satisfaction, based on feedback from real customers. The score is made up of a customer's overall satisfaction with the brand, and how likely they are to recommend that brand.
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The table below shows how Kensington performed in our latest mortgage satisfaction survey, from application process to value for money.

Customer rating for: Star rating
Customer service

3 out of 5

Application process


Value for money

2 out of 5

Keeping you well informed

3 out of 5

Clarity of statements

3 out of 5

Transparency of charges

2 out of 5

Query and complaint handling

3 out of 5

Ability to overpay or underpay mortgage

2 out of 5

Online access

3 out of 5


Star ratings based on a June 2018 Which? survey of 3,560 members of the general public, in which 40 people told us they had their mortgage with Kensington. Where no rating is given the sample size was too small.

What kinds of mortgages does Kensington offer?

Kensington specialises in mortgages for people who struggle to borrow from mainstream lenders, for example those with bad credit.

When we checked in July 2018, there were 135 mortgages available from Kensington, all of which were fixed-rate deals lasting one, two, three or five years.

Our experts analysed mortgage deals from all lenders over a four-week period in June and July 2018, but found that Kensington didn’t appear in any of the top 10 deals during this period.

Does Kensington offer interest-only mortgages?

Yes, you could borrow up to 75% of a property’s value. However, you’ll need to earn at least £75,000 to be eligible for an interest-only mortgage from Kensington.

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Interest rates on Kensington mortgages

When we checked in July 2018, all the mortgages available from Kensington were fixed-rate deals, meaning your interest rate is guaranteed to stay the same for a set number of years.

The average interest rate of a two-year fixed-rate mortgage from Kensington was 3.83%, compared with the industry average of 2.81%.

As Kensington specialises in lending to people with unusual circumstances or low credit scores, its higher rates might be explained by the increased risk it takes on through these types of loans.

When a fixed-rate deal comes to an end, Kensington customers move onto a tracker rate, which is set at a percentage above the Libor.

How the Libor affects Kensington’s interest rate

The Libor  is the average rate that banks in London are charged to borrow from other banks.

Generally, the interest rates of Kensington’s variable-rate mortgages take into account movements in the Libor rather than the Bank of England base rate.

Kensington reviews its variable rate, which is set at its discretion (within the conditions of your mortgage), every three months - so any changes might not directly reflect any movements in the Libor.

Can I make overpayments?

Overpayments will be subject to the conditions of your mortgage. For example, there may be a minimum or maximum amount that applies to any overpayments you make. You might also have to pay an early repayment charge.

How can I contact Kensington?

Kensington mortgages are only available through selected intermediaries, so you’ll need to contact a mortgage adviser to find out more.

Its website is kmc.co.uk.

Kensington mortgage eligibility

You need to be at least 21 years old to apply for a mortgage from Kensington.

Kensington says it specialises in what the big lenders call ‘non-standard cases.’ It doesn’t credit score applicants, and assesses each mortgage application on a case-by-case basis.

Kensington can also consider applications from first-time buyers with a low credit score and applicants with a thin credit file (if you have little, or no credit history).

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Mortgages for contractors

If you’re a contractor, you’ll be able to apply for the same mortgages with the same interest rates as customers who are employed.

Kensington can consider applications from contractors in any profession. It can also consider applicants with significant experience in their chosen sector, but who may not be able to show an extended track record as a contractor.

Kensington doesn’t require contractors to have a minimum income, and can consider applicants with historic credit issues.

What Kensington’s mortgage customers say

Correct as of date of publication.


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