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JVC admits camcorder problems

It's offering free repairs for affected models

Electronics company JVC is offering free repairs after it identified problems with some of its camcorders.

It has received reports that some models – while in the camera mode – show no picture or a distorted picture. Another problem is they may display ‘Lens cap’ even though the lens cap is removed.

JVC says the fault is caused by a failure of an image sensor and it’s offering free repairs of affected models until 1 October 2007.

Anyone whose camcorder is within the 12 month manufacturer’s warranty should return it to the seller, who will arrange a repair under the terms of the warranty.

Free repairs

If your product is outside warranty, you need to write to JVC Consumer Support, JVC UK Ltd, 14 Priestley Way, London NW2 7BA. Enclose a copy of the receipt and warranty certificate with a covering letter, but don’t send the camcorder. 

You can also call 0870-330-5000 if you need help in getting your free repair.

The model numbers affected are:

VHS-C camcorders: GR-FX15E, GR-FXM393E, GR-FXM39E, GR-FX16E, GR-FXM404E, GR-FXM40E, GR-SX19E, GR-SX25E, GR-SXM29E, GR-SXM49E, GR-SX26E, GR-SXM30E, GR-SXM50E

DVC camcorders: GR-D20E, GR-D21E, GR-D22E, GR-D30E, GR-D31E, GR-D40E, GR-D50E, GR-D60E, GR-D70E, GR-DX25E, GR-DX35E, GR-DX45E, GR-DX55E, GR-DX75E, GR-DX95E, GR-PD1E, JY-HD10E, GR-D18E, GR-D225E, GR-D23E, GR-D24E, GR-D32E, GR-D33E, GR-D34E, GR-D43E, GR-D53E, GR-D54E, GR-D63E, GR-D73E, GR-DX27E, GR-DX28E, GR-DX36E, GR-DX37E, GR-DX47E, GR-DX48E, GR-DX57E, GR-DX67E, GR-DX77E, GR-DX78E, GR-DX97E

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