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Bosch washing machine ‘unrivalled’ for efficiency

A+++ washing machine will be tested in Which? lab

Bosch WAQ28460GB

The Bosch Exxcel 7 VarioPerfect – ‘unrivalled water and energy efficiency’

Bosch claims its Exxcel 7 VarioPerfect washing machine offers ‘unrivalled’ water and energy efficiency, with an A+++ energy rating and a system that adjusts water use to suit each load.

But on top of saving water and energy, the ‘super quick cycle’ – which Bosch claims can wash 10 men’s shirts in 15 minutes – may also save you time.

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Bosch washing machine wash times

Which? washing machine expert Katie Hill said: ‘Energy efficiency is an increasingly common claim attached to lots of new washing machines – but greater efficiency often leads to longer wash times.

‘Having a “super quick” option is a nice feature, but it’ll be interesting to see how long the WAQ28460GB takes with a full load of clothes that have been worn more than once. Standard wash times for the Bosch models we’ve seen tend to be around two and a half hours, which isn’t particularly quick.’

For a more general overview of Bosch washing machines – including what they tend to be best for –  have a look at the Bosch page in our guide.

Energy ratings for Bosch washing machines

The Bosch WAQ28460GB’s A+++ energy rating is part of a new set of classifications from the EU. Where old EU energy labels rate washing machines from A-G, the new system rates them from A+++-D, so this VarioPerfect from Bosch is at the most efficient end of the EU’s scale.

The new labels were introduced in December 2010, but they won’t become mandatory until the end of 2011. The introduction of ‘beyond A’ ratings has led some manufacturers to use unofficial ratings such as ‘A+++++’ or ‘A-50%’, suggesting their machines are 50% more energy efficient than standard A-rated machines.

If you’re not sure about what to look for on energy labels or how best to use the information they provide, have a look at our online guide, energy labels explained.

Water consumption for Bosch washing machines

The average washing machine uses 9.5 litres of water for every kg of cotton clothes it washes, but we’ve found models that use anywhere between around six and 12 litres per kg in our tests.

Bosch claims that the ActiveWater technology used in its WAQ28460GB puts water consumption at 42 litres. For a machine with a 7kg capacity, this means consumption is 6 litres per kg if the drum were packed full – which would make it far better than the average.

When we test washing machines, we assess water consumption with both a full and smaller load, because we know that people don’t usually pack the drum to its maximum capacity. To compare the water consumption and full test results of some of the top-selling washing machines on the market, have a look at our washing machines review.

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