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Reviewed: the latest slim and large-capacity fridges

Eight new fridges tested and rated by Which?

Electrolux ERN34800

Shopping for a new fridge? Which? has just reviewed and rated eight of the latest models from Bosch, Lec, Zanussi, Siemens, Electrolux and Hotpoint.

Read our individual fridge reviews to find out which of our newly-tested fridges score Best Buy status and which two took more than a day to cool room temperature food down to 5°C, scoring poorly.

We’ve now posted 97 full fridge reviews online, including ratings for the top 17 fridges we recommend as Best Buys.

The ultra-slim Electrolux ERN34800 fridge

Many fridges offer generous capacities for holding lots of groceries. The huge Hotpoint RLS175G can hold 287 litres – that’s the equivalent of almost 95 loaves of bread.

Conversely, you can also now buy slim but tall built-in fridges like the Electrolux ERN34800 that is just 55cm wide rather than the normal 60cm. It can hold 267 litres, which is approximately 87 loaves of bread and more suited to smaller kitchens.

Expert fridge shopping advice: our video guide to buying the best fridge has all the tips you need to help you find the best model for your home.

Hotpoint RLS175G

Tall or small fridge?

The tall fridges above can hold more than double that of small under-counter fridges of a similar width.

The Zanussi ZRG310W can only hold 87 litres in its 50cm wide fridge.

At 60cm wide, the Siemens KT16RP22GB under-counter fridge is the same width as some other under-counter fridges, but we found it can hold a decent 126 litres.

Fridge with a freezer compartments

We also tested three Lec fridges: the 55cm wide L5510W, the L5010W (50cm) and the R5010W (50cm). The Lec R5010W comes with a 14 litre, four-star freezer. Four stars mean that it should be capable of freezing fresh food. Fewer stars mean you should only store pre-frozen food.

Only one of our newly-tested fridges scored highly enough to be awarded Best Buy status. Look for the ‘Just Tested’ logos in our fridge review for the most recently-tested models.

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