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Best and worst fridge freezers revealed by Which?

Top fridge freezers to keep your food perfectly chilled

Fridge Freezers

The LG GWL227HBQA American fridge freezer comes in black or silver

The latest Which? lab tests have uncovered eight table-topping Best Buys, as well as a Don’t Buy that isn’t up to scratch. Plus we reveal whether choosing a model with a top energy rating will really save you money on your energy bills.

We’ve tested and reviewed 22 of the newest fridge freezers from household brands like Bosch, Beko, Hotpoint and John Lewis, as well as the latest American fridge freezer from LG.

To find out which models stand out for perfect chilling, excellent storage and low energy costs, head straight to our fridge freezer review area. You can also see which Don’t Buy fridge freezer we think you should avoid because it takes over 24 hours to chill fresh food.

New fridge freezers on test

If you’re in the market for a new fridge freezer, the latest Which?-rated models spans different sizes, popular brands and a range of prices.

We’ve tested designer, feature-laden models such as the Whirlpool WBC3546A+NFCXL costing £625, as well as cheap fridge freezers like the Lec T5039 which is a budget-busting £215.

We’ve also reviewed the affordable LG GWL227HBQA American-style fridge freezer. It’s got an ice maker, water dispenser and digital controls, and at £822 it’s a great price if you’re on the lookout for one of these larger, American-style appliances.

Features to look out for

Top of the list is a frost-free freezer. A recent survey of 10,000 Which? members revealed this hassle-saving feature as the most useful on any kitchen appliance. Choose a frost-free model and you’ll never face the chore of having to manually defrost the freezer.

12 out of 22 of our just-tested models come with frost-free freezer compartments. Or you can filter all of our 152 fridge freezer reviews by frost-free models.

The Bosch KGN39VL30G and Whirlpool WBC3546A+NFCXL both have a chiller compartment for keeping meat and fish extra-cold and separate from other items in your fridge. You’ll usually find chiller compartments inside pricier models – both of these cost upwards of £600.

Fridge freezer running costs

We’ve included two hotly-anticipated A++ rated models in our latest tests – the Bosch KGN39VL30G and KGV39VW30G – and we’ve calculated exactly how much they’ll cost you to power.

To help you work out the true price of a fridge freezer, we’ve developed this fridge freezer energy costs tool.You can use it to compare what models cost to power over their lifetime, and weigh up running costs against the purchase price to see which are the best value overall.

Energy efficiency

Which? fridges and freezer expert Jessica O’Leary says: ‘With energy bills increasing as fast as living costs, it makes sense to buy a fridge freezer that won’t cost the earth to run.

‘But don’t just rely on energy ratings to pick an energy-efficient model – when you take into account the amount of usable space you’re paying to power we’ve found big differences in energy costs between models with the same energy rating.

‘For example, the Bosch KGV36NW20G and the Siemens KG34NX14GB are both rated A+, yet the Bosch’s yearly running costs are just £37 compared to the Siemens’ £54. On top of this, you get over 50 litres more usable space inside the Bosch which highlights the Siemens as even more inefficient.’

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