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New Best Buy pressure washer from Karcher

Which? tests six bestselling pressure washers

Our latest tests have revealed a new Best Buy pressure washer from Karcher, plus why you should keep your pressure washer frost-free this winter.

We’ve just tested six bestselling pressure washers from brand leaders Karcher and Nilfisk to find out how well they clean and what they’re like to use. 

The models we’ve tested range in price from just £70 to £300. For our full test results, read our pressure washer reviews. 

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Karcher and Nilfisk reviews

The pressure washers we’ve just tested are:

Karcher K2.130 T50
Karcher K2.311 T50
Karcher K3.550 T250
Nilfisk C110.3-5 PC X-TRA
Nilfisk C120.33-6 PAD
Nilfisk E130.2-9 X-TRA

Our pressure washer tests

We’ve tested them on all the surfaces you’re likely to want to use them on – concrete, paving, walls, glass, softwood decking and cars. We tested:
? how quickly and thoroughly they clean without causing damage
? how easy and comfortable they are to use
? how easy they are to store – including how much space they’ll take up and whether the power cable and attachments can be stored securely on the machine
? how noisy they are
? how much water they use
? whether they’re safe
? how well the motor stands up to strain

Freezing damage

We’ve heard gripes about pressure washers breaking down after very little use. Typically, water starts leaking out of the bottom. 

We spoke to Karcher, who explained that internal seals may have been damaged by water inside freezing during winter. We tested this theory by putting four pressure washers (two drained, two undrained) into a freezer and seeing how well they worked once thawed. 

The two drained ones worked fine, but the lance of one we hadn’t drained leaked so much it was unusable. After repeating the freezing test, water poured out the bottom of the two we hadn’t drained – they were now useless. The lance of one we had drained also split and sprayed water all over us.

So, to prolong the life of your pressure washer, drain it after use (by squeezing the nozzle trigger after disconnecting your hosepipe) and keep it somewhere frost-free in winter.

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