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New fridge freezers for 2013, rated by Which?

Keep food fresher with a Best Buy fridge freezer

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Best Buy fridge freezers: Which? tests the latest models to find the best

Need a new fridge freezer? We’ve tested and reviewed 19 of the latest fridge freezers from the biggest brands – including Beko, Bosch, Hotpoint and Samsung – and have four new Best Buys.

We’ve also uncovered a Don’t Buy fridge freezer that’s so bad it can’t freeze food without icing up the contents of the fridge.

If you’re looking for a built-in fridge freezer for an integrated kitchen, we’ve tested three built-in models from AEG, Neff and Zanussi.

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Cheap fridge freezers and pricey models

Whether you’re looking for a cheap, basic fridge freezer or a designer model, we’ve reviewed a fridge freezer to suit every kitchen and budget. 

This includes the budget-friendly Hotpoint RFAA52P which costs just £230. We’ve also tested the frost-free £700 Panasonic NR-B32FW2-WB. This top-spec model is kitted out with a chiller cabinet, fruit and vegetable drawer and an electronic display. 

We’ve also tested popular fridge freezers from Beko, Frigidaire and Zanussi which will barely make a dent in your wallet, as well as feature-rich appliances from Bosch, Samsung and Siemens. 

Want to know how to pick the best fridge freezer for your budget? Check out our guide on how to buy the best fridge freezer for our expert advice and tips. 

Fridge freezers: features to look out for

We asked our refrigeration expert Jess O’Leary to give the lowdown on the fridge freezer features that can make all the difference:

‘Top of the list has to be a frost-free freezer. Even though this invaluable feature will add to the price tag, it will keep ice at bay so you’ll never have to defrost your freezer. 

‘Good storage is also crucial. Look for adjustable glass shelves and door racks so you can set-up the inside space to suit the food you’re storing. And choose transparent freezer drawers so you can see at-a-glance what you’ve got inside.  

‘If you’re happy to pay a bit more, a chiller cabinet for keeping meat and fish extra-cold and twin thermostats for more accurate temperature control are nice to have.’ 

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Best fridge freezers for your food

The best fridge freezers will help keep your food fresher for longer. They’ll chill fresh groceries quickly in the fridge, and keep food safely frozen at -18°C or lower. And they won’t guzzle energy, so you won’t spend a fortune on energy bills. 

We carry out up to 215 tests, checks and measurements on each fridge freezer in our temperature-controlled lab to separate the top chillers from the mediocre models. 

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