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Two new Best Buy vacuum cleaners revealed

Bosch, Electrolux and Hoover vacuums just tested

Bosch GS-50-Power-Silence-BSG5SILGB-

The latest Which? test of vacuum cleaners test has uncovered two eye-catching Best Buys and two Don’t Buy vacuum cleaners than we think are so bad you should avoid them all together. 

We tested 13 of the latest models including the Bosch Power Silence GS-50 that claims to be the quietest bagless vac on the market, some models designed for pet owners, as well as two cheap vacuum cleaners that cost less than £70.

Which? vacuum cleaner expert Adrian Porter said: ‘How tough a vac is on pet hair and how loud it is are key concerns for shoppers, so it was great to test some models making some big claims in these areas to see which really deliver.’ 

You can find out which models hit our Best Buy benchmark and which failed to make the grade in our .

Quietest vacuum on the market?

Bosch calls the Power Silence GS-50 the ‘quietest bagless vac on the market’, so we put this claim to the test to see just how quiet it really is. 

Adrian Porter says: ‘You won’t be able to tell in the shop just how loud a vacuum is which that’s why we test the sound of each vacuum cleaner we review in a chamber in our lab. We’ve found noise levels vary dramatically, from 70 up to 90 decibels – that’s the difference between the sound of conversation a metre away to the volume a busy main road. Our full review of the Bosch Power Silence GS-50 online now reveals how this vac shapes up against these benchmarks.’

But a quiet vacuum cleaner is no good if it doesn’t deliver on dust pick up. To score highly in our tests, vacuums also need to be great at sucking up dust from carpets, floorboards, laminate and along walls and in tight corners. See which models make the grade on our Best Buy vacuum cleaners page.

Best vacuum cleaners

Cylinder vacuums tend to do better than uprights in our lab tests, but occasionally an upright will do really well. Among the vacs we’ve just tested, there was an upright vacuum cleaner that proved great at cleaning away dust and pet hair. 

The AEG UltraOne Pets vac was also included in our lasted lab test. This model comes with both a turbo floor head that is designed to be great on pet hair, and a standard floor head. We tested both to see if it’s worth pet owners forking out extra for the turbo floor head. Take a look at our for the verdict. 

There was also a vac that while effective at sucking up pet hair, was really poor on dust. Another vac was a real disappointment on cleaning away both dust and pet hair and failed to keep in what it did suck up.

Cylinder vacuums tested

• AEG UltraOne Pets AU08840UKPT
• Bosch GS-50 Power Silence BSG5SILGB
• AEG UltraCaptic Animal
• AEG UltraCaptic Origin
• Vax Power 5 Pet C88-P5-P
• Vax Power 5 C88-P5-B
• Asda Genie Express Vac GUV-01

Upright vacuums tested

• Hoover Hurricane Power HP2300
• Hoover Smart SM1901
• Electrolux PowerLite Pet Z2257AZ
• Morphy Richards NLS Lift Away 73414
• Morphy Richards NLS Lift Away Complete Clean 73415
• Sebo Felix Pet

How we test vacuum cleaners

Which? tests vacuum cleaners more thoroughly than anyone else. We score each machine for dust suction on different surfaces and as the cylinder fills up. We also measure how effective each vac is on pet hair by combing fur into a carpet and using a rigged vacuum to suck it up. Our overall score also takes in noise and ease of use.

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