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Which? uncovers five Best Buy steam irons for 2014

New reviews include our highest scoring iron ever


Need a new steam iron? We’ve tested the latest models from brands such as Bosch, Philips and Tefal – and can reveal five new Best Buy irons which will help you blitz your ironing pile in no time.

If you’re looking for an iron that will keep your clothes flawlessly smooth without giving you arm ache – then we’ve got the perfect model to recommend. Our latest tests have uncovered five Best Buy irons that stand out from the crowd and excel at busting creases. One of these is so steamy it’s the highest-scoring irons we’ve ever seen at our test lab.

To read reviews of these models and see how they stack up against other irons, head straight over to our steam iron reviews

Best vs worst steam irons

We’ve got new reviews for the latest Breville irons, Bosch irons, Morphy Richards irons, Philips irons and Tefal irons. The tested models range from a budget iron costing £20 to a top-of-the-range Bosch with an automatic temperature setting – which will set you back £80.

All of the Best Buys are great at banishing deep creases in crumpled clothes and will help you sail through your laundry pile. But we found some models were feeble steamers which needed a lot effort to get rid of creases, particularly in thick fabrics.

More than one brand has models which feature at both the top and bottom of the results table. You can discover what we think of the big brands after years of testing by checking out our best iron brands guide.

Buy the best steam iron

The best steam irons drive plenty of high pressure steam deep into fabrics. This helps you to make light work of deep creases and whiz through the ironing as quickly as possible.

Which? irons expert Jess O’Leary says: ‘When it comes to an iron’s steaming power, bigger really is better. The more steam you have at your fingertips the easier you’ll find ironing and the smoother your clothes will turn out.

‘Most irons come with a claimed steam rate on the box (stated in g/min) which can suggest the models that are steamier than others. But we would advise against buying on the strength of these claims, as our tests reveal they’re not always a realistic indication of the amount of steam you’ll actually get.’

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