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Which? tumble dryer tests reveal Don’t Buy model

Latest reviews uncover lowest-scoring tumble dryer

Grundig GTN38240GCW tumble dryer

Is it worth spending £600 on this Grundig tumble dryer?

New results and ratings from the Which? test lab are in for four of the latest tumble dryers from Bush, Grundig and White Knight. One picked up the lowest score on our site and joins our Don’t Buy hall of shame.

The newest tumble dryer reviews include an energy-efficient heat pump condenser model from Grundig, a condenser tumble dryer from White Knight and two affordable vented tumble dryers from White Knight and Bush (Argos’ own brand).

A brilliant tumble dryer shouldn’t take ages to dry your clothes, will make sure you don’t open the door to wet laundry and should not add jaw-dropping amounts to your electricity bill. But we’ve discovered tumble dryers guilty of all these sins. Fortunately, Which? members can make sure they avoid these bad models by heading straight to our Best Buy tumble dryer reviews.

Not the best tumble dryer

One of the four models we’ve tested has received a dismal score of just 25% – making it the lowest scoring tumble dryer out of more than 100 reviewed on our site. It joins nine other models we’ve rated that are so bad we’ve labelled them Don’t Buys.

If you’re in the shops and you come across this dryer, you’re not going to know by looking at it just how bad it is. But take it home and you’ll soon discover it’s very loud when drying, it’s tricky to operate and does a terrible job of trapping moisture in the machine – so your walls and windows will be left with a sweaty sheen.

So before you buy a dryer you wish you hadn’t, head to our tumble dryer reviews to make sure you pick a winner.

First Grundig tumble dryer on test

8 yearsHow long this Grundig dryer will take to start saving you money compared to a regular condenser or vented dryer

One of the dryers we’ve rated is the first model we’ve tested from Grundig. Unusually, Grundig appliances, including tumble dryers, washing machines, fridge freezers and dishwashers, all come with a five-year manufacturer warranty.

This Grundig dryer uses heat pump technology. Heat pump dryers cost a lot to buy (£600) but will cost you very little to run – £43 a year, compared to £82 a year, which is the average running cost of the same sized regular condenser and vented dryers.

Which? laundry appliances expert Adrian Porter says: ‘Compared to the average, non-heat pump dryer, the Grundig costs £39 less per year to run, or £195 over five years.

‘But while that sounds brilliant, the reality is that if you add in how much you pay for the Grundig (£600), and the average shop price of those regular condenser and vented dryers (£290), it will actually take just over eight years for the Grundig to become the more affordable option.

‘That’s a long term investment, so is it really worth buying? Our full review of the Grundig GTN 38240 GCW reveals our verdict.’

Tumble dryers tested

The full list of tumble dryers we’ve just tested is:

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