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Which? tests uncover two tumble dryers to avoid

Don't get lumbered with a nuisance tumble dryer

A woman putting sheets in a tumble dryer

A great tumble dryer should make your life easier without guzzling energy

In our latest tumble dryer group test we’ve discovered two Don’t Buy models that are so bad that we recommend you avoid them altogether.

A great tumble dryer should make your life easier by delivering evenly dried laundry with minimal creasing. It won’t keep you hanging around for ages while it pushes up your energy bills.

In our new test of four models, we uncovered two dryers that will certainly not make your life easier, as Which? appliances expert Katie Benson explains:

‘The worst tumble dryers in our test were an all-round nuisance. They’re very noisy, use lots of energy and one model is prone to over or under-drying laundry. You won’t be able to tell in the shop which tumble dryer will let you down once you get it home, which is why Which? members should log in to check our tumble dryer reviews before they buy.

‘If you’re not already a member, you can find out the Best Buy tumble dryers we recommend by taking out a £1 trial to Which?.’

A sensor that doesn’t make sense

The majority of modern tumble dryers use sensor technology to detect when laundry is dry, which is supposed to take the trial and error out of drying and keep energy use under control.

But the lowest-scoring Don’t Buy model in our most recent test is so poor at assessing dryness it’ll leave your clothes too wet or even too dry.

Katie says: ‘When some fabrics are over-dried, the fibres can be damaged. When your laundry is still wet at the end of the program, you’ll probably end up resorting to using the manual timer, making the sensor technology seem pointless.’

Tumble dryers on test

The full list of the tumble dryers we’ve just tested is below – click the links to read our full reviews. These join more than 100 other tumble dryers in our tumble dryer reviews section. 

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