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Top 5 popular lawn mowers for Summer 2014

Are these lawn mowers the best for your lawn?

Flymo Venturer 32 on a garden lawn

Most popular: Flymo Venturer 32

We’ve rounded up the the top five lawn mowers most viewed on the Which? website – but are any of them Which? Best Buys? 

Which? has test results for more than 90 lawn mowers online, and the Flymo Venturer 32 review was read more than any other over the past three months. Lawn mowers from Bosch and Qualcast were also among the most popular.

The five most popular lawn mowers range in price from under £70 to more than £500 and not all of them are Best Buys – they score from 77% down to 52%.

Which? lawn mower expert Adelaide Gray said: ‘2014 has seen many manufacturers produce cordless, battery lawn mowers designed to appeal to people who want a quick, simple mower. 

‘We test every lawn mower on the things we know are important to you – so we can tell you exactly how good each mower is at cutting short, long, rough and damp grass, how fuel efficient it is, whether it collects grass well and how easy it it to use, before you buy.’ 

Click through to our full lawn mower reviews to find out whether the most popular models are Best Buys.

Five most popular lawn mowers

1. Flymo Venturer, £77

We tested the Flymo Venturer in 2010 but this cheap lawn mower remains very popular. Though Flymo is best known for hover mowers this is a wheeled model with a roller to create stripes on your lawn. Find out whether the budget price means a messy lawn by reading our Flymo Venturer review.

2. Bosch Rotak 40 Ergoflex, £160

Bosch Rotak lawn mowers have always been popular, and the new Ergoflex range lawn mowers come with innovatively designed handles that have been certified by the Campaign for Healthier Backs in Germany. Find out how comfortable the Bosch Rotak 40 Ergoflex is to use in our full review.

3. Honda Izy 415 PD, £285

Honda produces a huge range of lawn mowers but this smaller petrol model is a distinct favourite on the Which? website. It’s called the Izy because it’s said to be so easy to use. Find out if it is really user-friendly with our review of the Honda Izy 415 PD.

4. Al-Ko Highline 523 VS, £525

This petrol lawnmower is the successor to the Al-Ko Highline 520BR Premium. It’s an expensive lawnmower but has a lot of features and can collect, mulch or side discharge grass clippings. Find out if it’s worth the cost in our review of the Al-Ko Highline 523 VS.

5. Flymo Easi Glide 300V, £68

This light-weight, budget lawn mower is a hover mower but it collects the grass as it cuts. It folds away neatly and has some interesting design features like a double switch on the handles and folding lid on the grass box. Find out if it’s a Which? Best Buy in our full review of the Flymo Easi Glide 300V.

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