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Five top vacuum cleaners revealed by Which?

Discover a Best Buy vacuum to suit your household

Vacuum cleaner on rug

There are hundreds of vacuum cleaners available – we help you shorten your search

To make choosing your next vacuum cleaner easier we’ve picked out five of our favourite models. Whether you’re after a cylinder, an upright, or your buying on a budget, we’ve got a Best Buy vacuum cleaner pick for you.

All homes are different and narrowing down the ideal vacuum cleaner for your needs can be a tough task. We’ve selected the best models in five categories – you can skip straight over to our top five vacuum cleaners to see which models we recommend for different uses. 

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner

Different vacuum cleaners are better for different needs, so we’ve divided our Best Buys into five categories:

Best cylinder vacuum cleaner

Light and compact, cylinder vacuum cleaners are usually ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach spaces. But with their long hoses, manoeuvrability is sometimes an issue and they can be a pain to store away tidily. We test each vacuum cleaner for how easy it is to manoeuvre, and record the weight to ensure we recommend only the easiest to use vacuums as Which? Best Buys.

Best upright vacuum cleaner

Our top upright comes from one of the most popular brands. Uprights tend to be great at picking up pet hair and can cover large floors quickly, but they can also be heavy and so are often awkward for cleaning stairs. If you’re not sure whether to go for a cylinder or upright, our Which vacuum cleaner? guide can help you decide.

Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair

Do you share your home with a furry friend? To test each vacuum’s pet hair pick-up, we comb cat and dog hair into an area of carpet and then see how long the vacuum cleaner takes to pick them up – the better ones take a minute or less.

Cheapest Best Buy vacuum cleaner

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get a Best Buy vacuum cleaner. In fact, our research shows that you can get an excellent cleaner for less than £150. You may see models costing anywhere up to £450, but our testing suggests that there’s no real increase in quality once you go beyond £300.

Biggest capacity Dyson vacuum cleaner

If it’s a Dyson you desire but you’ve heard that the brand’s models constantly need emptying, we’ve picked out the best model with the biggest capacity. 

See all our recommended models in the above categories on our top five vacuum cleaners page.

How we test vacuum cleaners

To make sure we only recommend vacuum cleaners that will make light work of your dirty floors, we go to extreme lengths. For example, we ship in sand from Arizona and spread it over carpets and creviced wood floors to simulate the toughest cleaning conditions your home is likely to face.

We also test other aspects that you won’t be able to find out in the shop, such as how each vacuum cleaner will affect allergy sufferers and how noisy they are – this could mean the difference between buying a model with the same noise levels as a busy road or one as quiet as a normal conversation.

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