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Which? reveals the best way to get rid of head lice

Find out the best method, as voted for by parents

Desperate to get rid of head lice and nits? Which? reveals the best head lice and nit treatments, as voted for by long-suffering parents. 

Finding out that your child has head lice isn’t a very pleasant experience, but don’t worry – we’re here to help you bust those little bugs.

Which? surveyed 1,000 UK parents who have all had the pleasure of delousing their children, so we can reveal the head lice treatment they thought was best.  

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Best way to treat head lice 

Once you’ve read our survey results and discovered the best treatment to use for your child, it’s essential that you repeat it. If you don’t and any eggs (nits) are left behind, you’ll have a fresh batch of head lice to contend with. These will lay eggs and the cycle will start all over again. 

Only 16% of parents in our survey repeated their chosen head lice method a week later.

And no matter how embarrassing it is, you also need to tell your child’s teacher so they can warn other parents to check their children. Otherwise you run the risk of your now nit-free child being reinfected by their classmates.

How to spot head lice and nits

Head lice and nits are completely common – our survey discovered that 49% of children aged 7-9 had suffered from head lice in the last two years and many parents tear their hair out trying to find the best way to get rid of the unwelcome critters.

If you’re not sure what to look for look for, we’ve created a grim gallery that will take you through step by step –  head straight to our gallery of how to spot nits and lice. We warn you, though, it may make you itch!

The truth about head lice 

There are many common myths surrounding head lice, but you don’t need to fall for playground gossip. Check out our handy nits myth buster to make sure you’re in the know:

Head lice myth buster
Myth or truth clean hair
State of hair
long hair
Length of hair
head lice jumping
Spread of lice
itchy scalp
Itchy scalp?
Myth Prefer clean hair Prefer long hair Jump and can spread via clothes/towels Always means itchy scalp
Truth Infect both clean and dirty hair Infect all lengths and types of hair Walk from head to head Only itches if allergic to bites/faeces

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