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Top 5 popular vacuums of 2014 on Which.co.uk

Bosch, Miele and Gtech make our most-viewed list

2014 has been a fast-moving year in the world of vacuum cleaners, with the market pumping out plenty of innovations and a little bit of controversy along the way too.

In the last 12 months more and more manufacturers such as Bosch, Vax and Hoover joined Dyson by launching cordless vacuum cleaners that claim to be able to replace your conventional vacuum. 

The combination of lightweight and quick cleaning has proved incredibly popular, so much so that three of the top 10 biggest selling vacuums are now cordless. For our Best Buy recommendations and test results, don’t miss our cordless vacuum reviews.

Vacuum cleaner energy labels

In September the introduction of the EU’s vacuum cleaner energy label, which among other things restricted the size of motors to 1600 watts, sent shock waves through the market, took many consumers by surprise and led to a rush on large-motored models. Since then we have tested the latest wave of EU label-compliant models, and you can see how they compare in our .

But with all of this going on, which models piqued our members’ interest the most? Below we reveal the top five most searched for vacuum cleaner reviews on Which.co.uk.

1. Bosch BSG8 Pro Home Professional

This bagged cylinder from Bosch was popular with Which? members for much of 2014. Unfortunately it fell foul of the 1600W motor cut off imposed by the EU energy label in September and so is no longer available. 

If you’re after something similar from Bosch then it might be worth checking out the new Bosch GL-50 in our .

2. Gtech AirRam

A much publicised and incredibly popular cordless upright model from Gtech, priced £199. The AirRam generated a lot of interest when we published our lab test review. It promises to make vacuuming less of a chore and for a cordless model has an impressive battery life.

We tested out its claims in the Which? test lab – read our full to find out how it stacked up to the competition

3. Dyson DC25 Multi Floor

The third most viewed is this bagless upright vacuum cleaner from Dyson. Dyson machines have had smaller motors for some time so very few of its models fell foul of the new 1600W cut off in September; as such you can still get hold of this model for around £250 to £300 and it comes with a five-year guarantee too.

Find out if it hit our Best Buy gold standard in our full .

4. Miele S8340 Ecoline Solution

This bagged cylinder model from Miele is light for a cylinder vacuum, has a decent reach from plug socket to floorhead and proved very popular with our Which? members in 2014. The energy label zapped this model and it sold out pretty quickly soon after, so unfortunately it is no longer available. You can find out the best scoring Miele vacuum cleaners currently available in our vacuum cleaner reviews section.

5. Bosch Athlet BCH625KTGB

We reviewed the cordless in September, and it immediately shot up our list of the most viewed vacuum cleaner reviews. It’s an ultra lightweight upright cordless model that comes with all of the hoses and attachments that should make cleaning any home a doddle. 

You can pick one up for around £250 which makes it about £100 cheaper than cordless model – find out how it compares in our cordless vacuum reviews area.

How we test vacuum cleaners

At Which? we can tell you everything you need to know about vacuum cleaners including how much you should spend and what to look out for when you’re on the hunt for the perfect model. We test each vacuum cleaner how you would use it in your home, and rate the cleaning power on a range of surfaces including carpet, laminate and wooden floors. We measure how quickly a vacuum can suck up pet hair, how easy it is to use, if it’s any good for allergy sufferers and much, much more. 

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