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Vacuum cleaner with 85% score tops Best Buy table

Which? test uncovers highest ever scoring vacuum

Vacuum cleaner on hardwood floor

A new top-scoring Best Buy vacuum cleaner achieved 85% in Which? tests

Our latest vacuum cleaner group test has uncovered 10 new Best Buys, including a new top-scoring vacuum that’s the best we’ve ever tested.

We assessed and rated 38 models from some of the biggest brands including Bosch, Dyson, Hoover, Hotpoint, Miele, Numatic, Samsung and Vax – and one model proved so impressive that it beat our previous highest scoring vacuum cleaner by 1%.

This previous best vacuum was tested back in 2012 and achieved a score of 84% – but it has since been discontinued. Its top score has finally been bested by a phenomenal £250 cylinder model that is incredible at picking up dust from all surfaces, is perfect for allergy sufferers and pet hair owners and is easy to use, too. 

Find out which model it is in our full vacuum cleaner reviews.

Best upright vacuum cleaner

The new top-scorer is a cylinder vacuum cleaner, but our group test also uncovered an impressive upright model which has matched the 80% score of our existing top-rated Best Buy upright.

Upright vacuums are typically a bit noisier, heavier and more difficult to use on stairs than cylinders, so they normally get lower scores – however this new model delivers incredible cleaning, picks up pet hair in no time and is also energy efficient. 

Visit our Best Buy vacuum cleaners page for the full list of recommended models, including all of our new 10 Best Buys. 

Cheap Best Buy vacuum cleaners

We’ve tested models costing from as little as £80 all the way up to a whopping £450. While our research shows that many cheap vacuum cleaners are terrible at cleaning, you don’t have to pay an astronomical amount for a Best Buy model. There is at least one Best Buy vacuum cleaner available for £100 and a couple more to choose from if you can stretch you budget £150.

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