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Could the new cordless Vax replace your mop?

Floormate Cordless cleans and dries hard floors

Vax Floormate Cordless

The Vax Floormate Cordless will set you back £199, but promises to clean more hygienically

The Vax Floormate Cordless may look like a vacuum cleaner, but it’s actually a new floor-scrubbing gadget that hopes to replace your mop and bucket.

Vax says the £199 cordless cleaner can wash, scrub and dry hard floors, before spiriting away the dirty water. It is one of a range of new cordless products launched by Vax for 2015, and claims to leave hard floors thoroughly and hygienically clean.

To see if it lives up to the hype, we’ve tried it out. Read our Vax Floormate Cordless first look review for our verdict.

Vax Floormate Cordless

The Floormate range of hard floor cleaners was first introduced by Vax last year, to offer an alternative solution to the ubiquitous steam mop for hard floor cleaning. We’ve previously tried out the Vax Floormate Trio, and the new version is quite similar, but its built-in battery means that it doesn’t need to be tethered to the wall to work.

Intended for a deeper clean than your everyday mop and bucket, the Floormate Cordless washes, scrubs and dries floors as it goes.

It works in a similar way to a carpet cleaner; water and detergent is sprayed onto the floor where oscillating brushes gently scrub from side to side, and any dirty water is then sucked back up into the machine, where it’s kept separate to the clean water tank. Vax says this makes for more hygienic cleaning, and during our trial, our researcher did find the Floormate Cordless was less messy to deal with than faffing around with dirty steam mop pads.

For more on the pros and cons of both the Floormate Cordless and the latest steam mops, head over to our steam mop reviews area.

Cordless cleaning revolution?

Along with the Floormate cordless, Vax has also launched several cordless vacuum cleaners, including the Air Cordless and Air Cordless Lift. Vax says it wanted to bring all the functionality of a mains-powered vacuum to the cordless range, without the limiting reach of a power cable.

A unique feature of this range is the interchangeable battery packs which are compatible across all the products in the range. If you want extra juice, you can also buy a spare to prolong your cleaning time, although it will set you back a staggering £80.

Can Vax achieve the holy grail of cordless vacuuming and combine great dust pick-up with a decent battery life? We’ll be testing the Air Cordless vacuum, along with models from Dyson, Bosch, Hoover and AEG, in the next few months, with results due in September 2015. To see all the latest reviews, head over to our cordless vacuum cleaner reviews page.

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