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Top five popular steam cleaners on Which.co.uk

Karcher, Vax and Thane are among our most-viewed

If you’re planning to spruce up your home for summer, a steam mop or steam cleaner could be just the thing to help you make light work of dirt, stains and spills.

But with more than 100 different models available priced from less than £30 to £200 plus, it’s near impossible to tell in the shop which are worth the asking price. This is why we independently test steam mops and cleaners and rate how they tackle floor and surface grime, so you can separate the great budget buys from those that are plain overpriced.

Below we’ve rounded up the most-viewed steam mops and steam cleaners on Which.co.uk so far in 2015. But the most-viewed aren’t necessarily the best – to find out which models have aced our tests, go straight to our list of Best Buy steam mops and steam cleaners.

1. Thane H20 Mop X5, £80

The Thane H20 Mop X5 is a much-advertised two-in-one steam mop and handheld steam cleaner. It’s lightweight for a two-in-one model, has a dial to adjust the steam rate and is available in several colours.

You can pick one up for about £80 – see whether it’s worth it in our full Thane H20 Mop X5 review

2. Vax S86-SF-C Steam Fresh Combi, £70

This is a two-in-one steam mop with detachable handheld steam cleaner from big brand Vax. It comes with several attachments including a window squeegee, extension hose, carpet glider and a handful of brushes and nozzles.  

Our full Vax S86-SF-C Steam Fresh Combi review reveals if its range of extra attachments adds up to an extra special clean.

3. Abode ADSM4001,£50

The Abode ADSM4001 is a mid-priced steam mop with two tanks: one for water and one for detergent. Abode claims that it can shift dirt better than mops that use steam alone.

But can it live up to the claims and shift tough stains from your floors? 

Update: May 2016: this steam cleaner has been discontinued but the Holme HDSM4001 is an identical model (except for the colour) from a different brand.

4. Karcher SC 1020, £90

Karcher’s SC 1020 cylinder steam cleaner was first launched back in 2011. It claims to give a hygienic deep-clean without chemicals and comes with a range of attachments so it’s suitable for jobs around your home. It lacks a squeegee attachment for cleaning windows though, which most other steam cleaners come with.

It’s certainly an oldie – but is it a goodie? Head to our full Karcher SC1020 review to find out.

5. Vax S86-SF-P Fresh Pet Steam Mop, £75

This is top-of-the-range steam mop features a built-in scrubbing brush, a steam-burst nozzle and a dial to adjust the steam pressure. It’s also a twin-tank model, like the Abode, designed to be used with a steam detergent that Vax claims ‘cuts through grease’.

Costing around £75, it’s also one of the priciest steam mops we’ve tested. To find out whether it’s worth the investment, see our full Vax S86-SF-P Fresh Pet Steam Mop review.

All prices are correct as of 24 June 2015, and subject to change.

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