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Four new Best Buy fridge freezers uncovered by Which?

14 new models from brands such as Bosch and LG

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Best Buy fridge freezers chill and freeze food fast to help it stay fresh for longer

To help you find a fridge fridge that will give your food the best chance of staying fresher for longer, our latest fridge freezer tests have separated the speedy chillers from the sluggish coolers. Could a cheap fridge freezer be the perfect choice for your needs?

We’ve found another four new Best Buy fridge freezers, but they come with very different price tags. The cheapest new Best Buy is under half the price of the most expensive new high-scorer.

The very best on test earned an impressive 81% in our tough tests. It manages to combine speedy chilling and freezing to safe temperatures with being really energy efficient, so it won’t cost you too much to run for its size. It’s also easy to use, making it a fantastic choice for your kitchen.

By contrast, the worst on test disappointed with slow chilling and a fridge that can warm up too much. This is bad news for your food, because harmful bacteria has a better chance of thriving in warmer temperatures.

Just want to know the best? Head to our Best Buy fridge freezers for a model that excels in our tests.

Expensive vs cheap fridge freezers

The most expensive fridge freezer in our tests costs over £1,000 more than the cheapest fridge freezer.

Servis vs samsung The Servis CF55170FFW (left) is over £1000 cheaper than the Samsung RB36J8799S4 (right).

While the £299 Servis CF55170FFW is quite basic, the Samsung RB36J8799S4 comes with a plethora of extras designed to improve chilling and freezing. It has separate fridge and freezer thermostats, quick-chill and fast-freeze functions, and a chiller compartment. But it will set you back a cool £1,299.

Is it worth splashing the cash, or are you better off going for a cheaper fridge freezer? Previous test results have shown that there’s no direct link between price and quality, so make sure you read our reviews to avoid spending more than you need to.

We’ve tested a fair few Samsung models over the years. To see how they compare and whether we recommend them, head straight to our Samsung fridge freezer reviews.

Reliable fridge freezers

You don’t just want a fridge freezer that chills and freezes your food quickly to help it stay fresh for longer – you want a model that’s more likely to last for longer without developing a fault. That’s why our annual reliability survey is essential for anyone buying a new fridge freezer.

Each year we ask thousands of Which? members about their experiences with their appliances so that we can tell you which brands are the most reliable.

Two fridge freezer brands were revealed to have less than satisfactory reliability in our latest survey, meaning fridge freezers made by them can’t be Best Buys regardless of how well they do in our tests.

Give yourself a better chance of finding a model that’s more likely to last longer – find out the most reliable fridge freezer brands.

Latest fridge freezer reviews

  • AEG SCT81800S0 – £682
  • Beko BCE772F – £430
  • Bosch KIN85AF30G – £799
  • Hoover HVBF5172WK – £400
  • John Lewis JLFFS2020 – £579
  • LG GBB539NSCPS – £595
  • LG GBF530NSQPB – £800
  • LG GBF539PVQWB – £449
  • Miele KFN11923SD-2 – £779
  • Samsung RB36J8799S4 – £1,299
  • Samsung RB37J5230SA – £629
  • Samsung RB41J7859S4 – £1,129
  • Servis CF55170FFW – £273
  • Servis CF60185NFW – £335

(Prices are correct as of 07 August 2015 and are subject to change.)

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