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Black Friday: the 50 day countdown

Shops prepare to drop prices to kick off Christmas

Black Friday

50 day countdown until Black Friday

Black Friday falls on 27 November this year and is anticipated to be the biggest yet, with shops promising large promotions to start the Christmas season.

Last year Black Friday certainly created a stir in supermarkets and on high streets across the UK, with shoppers reportedly fighting over bargains in shops. Many shoppers who were keen for a bargain braved the shops to take advantage of the special offers that seemed too good to miss. But it wasn’t just in stores – an estimated £810 million was spent online alone, according to internet retail experts IMRG.

Domestic appliances such as fridges and power washers, saw double digit growth compared with Black Friday the previous year, according to the market agency GFK. So with the likelihood of shops being swamped and the rise of internet shoppers, how can you stay ahead of the crowds this year?

Here, we remind you what Black Friday is all about and how to keep your cool.

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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday originates across the Atlantic in America, where shops drop prices for a day to encourage everyone to start shopping for Christmas.

Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, so most Americans have the day off. Despite the fact it’s not a holiday in the UK, in the past few years Black Friday has increasingly influenced the British retail market, becoming a key date in the diary and one where shops sell significant volumes of products.

To find out more, including what the big retailers are planning, see our dedicated guide to what is Black Friday?.

When is Black Friday?

Traditionally, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and marks the start of the Christmas season for Americans. 

This year it will be 27 November, leaving 50 days from now to get your shopping list in order.

Top 10 Black Friday bargains

We had a look at what products flew off the shelf last year to bring you 10 to keep an eye on this Black Friday. You can check our reviews now, in order to start shortlisting the products you want to look out for in the Black Friday sales. We also have the latest prices online today, so you can keep an eye on prices in the run up to Black Friday and can work out if an offer you see later is genuine.

  1. Televisions
  2. Laptops
  3. Coffee machines – including Tassimo and Nespresso
  4. Bullet blenders – including the Nutribullet
  5. Food processors
  6. Washing machines
  7. Tumble dryers
  8. Vacuum cleaners
  9. Electric shavers
  10. Hedge trimmers

Our top tips

  • Don’t get carried away with all the offers shops hit you with, figure out what you really need and make a list.
  • Do your research – find out about current prices to see if you really are getting a ‘bargain’. You can read our reviews on hundreds of products to make sure you walk away with the best. 
  • Know your rights if you need to return a product you’ve bought – read up on the new Consumer Rights Act.

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