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Which? first look at the Florabest leaf blower vacuum sold at Lidl

Does this leaf blower vac do a good job?

Florabest FLB 3000 leaf blower vac

The Florabest FLB3000 leaf blower vac

We’ve tried out the Florabest FLB3000 sold by Lidl to see if this cheap leaf blower vacuum really does make clearing autumn leaves quick and easy.

The Florabest FLB3000 leaf blower vac looks a bit like a small vacuum cleaner and let’s you swap between blowing and vacuuming at the flick of a switch.

It’s got some great features which make it easy to use including wheels on the end to support it as you suck up the leaves and a shoulder strap to help with the weight when it’s in blow mode.

It also has an easy-access hatch that gives you access to the impeller and mulching blades so you can clear any blockages. It currently costs £40 in Lidl.

Find out whether could cope with damp leaves in our .

Leaf blowers and leaf blower vacuums on test

When autumn leaves start making your patio slippery or are ruining your lawn then you might be thinking about buying a leaf blower or leaf blower vacuum. Check out which ones are Best Buys with our leaf blower vac reviews,

There are a large range of leaf blowers and blower vacuums available from small, cordless blowers to large, petrol leaf blower vacuums. 

Some machines convert between blow and vacuum mode at the flick of a switch but with others you’ll need to swap the components around. 

What you need depends on how many leaves you need to collect and where the leaves are falling. 

Remember you don’t always have to use a leaf blower vac, leaves on your lawn can easily be collected with your lawn mower.

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