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Which? reveals best fridges for helping your food last longer

New Which? fridge reviews now online


A Best Buy fridge chills quickly to keep food fresher for longer

Need a new fridge? We’ve tested the latest fridges and can reveal the best for extending the shelf-life of your groceries – including two super-cool new Best Buys.

We’ve just tested eight fridges on our mission to find the ones that chill fast to keep harmful bacteria at bay and help keep your food fresher for longer.

With prices ranging from £110 to £743, we’ll help you find the right fridge for your home and budget.

Head straight to our Best Buy fridges for a list of the outstanding models we recommend.

Cheap fridges

We’ve reviewed fridges costing between £110 and £743, including the under-counter Zanussui ZRG15805WA and Lec R5511W models which have integrated freezer compartments, suitable for freezing fresh food.

Also in the running for Best Buy status are several budget under-counter fridge-only model, including the super-cheap Indesit TLAA10 (£110), the Hoover HL54WE (£149) and the Zanussi ZRG16606WA (£179).

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Best Buy fridges

Two of the latest fridges to recently pass through our test lab stand out from the rest and have earned the coveted Best Buy crown.

Both models chill fast. This is the hallmark of a great fridge, as the faster food cools the longer it will last, the more nutrients it will retain and the less chance there is for harmful bacteria to thrive. They also use energy sparingly – so running it around the clock won’t lead to a noticeable hike in your energy bills. Both have reliable thermostat settings, making them easy to set up in your kitchen.

For top tips on buying the best chiller for you, read our guide – how to buy the best fridge

Easy to use fridges

Which? refrigeration expert Jess O’Leary says: ‘We put fridges through a series of challenging temperature tests to see how they handle essential cooling tasks.

‘But we don’t forget that you’ll use your fridge several times a day, 24/7, and that seemingly minor niggles – such as a salad crisper drawer that doesn’t easily slide all the way out or not enough shelf space – can quickly become major frustrations.

‘So we investigate how easy the shelves, drawers and door racks are to use, how good the lighting is and how easy any cooling features are to program. We also spray sticky cherry juice inside the fridge to test how easy it is to clean.’

Fridge reviews

Below is our list of newly tested models. Read our reviews of the best Hoover fridges, Indesit fridges, Lec fridges, Siemens fridges and Zanussi fridges

  • Hoover HL54WE (under-counter) £149
  • Indesit TLAA10 (under-counter) £110
  • Lec L6014 (under-counter) £190
  • Lec R5511W (under-counter, with freezer compartment) £159
  • Siemens KI21RAF30G (under-counter, built-in) £449
  • Siemens KS36VAW31G (tall) £743
  • Zanussi ZRG16606WA (under-counter) £179
  • Zanussi ZRG15805WA (under-counter, with freezer compartment) £219

(Prices were correct on 22 October 2015 and are subject to change.)

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