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Brilliant vacuum cleaners for less than £150

Our best cheap vacuums for 2016

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A good vacuum cleaner doesn’t need to cost the earth. Our tests have uncovered some bargain Best Buys

Only a few years ago, the sight of a £350 vacuum cleaner made our jaws drop. But an increasing number of vacuum cleaners will set you back that much, or more. Thankfully, we’ve found several new Best Buy vacuum cleaners that will leave your carpets spotless and your bank balance looking healthy.

Our latest test of 21 vacuum cleaners has revealed a whopping 10 new Best Buys, including the best vacuum cleaner we have tested under our all new and tougher test programme, and a great value Best Buy that costs less than £100.

In fact, of the 36 current Best Buy vacuum cleaners on our website today, 11 are on sale for less than £200.

To find out which are the best cheap vacuum cleaners, head straight to our independent vacuum cleaner reviews.

New top-scoring vacuum cleaner

We recently changed the way we test vacuum cleaners, making our tests tougher and more real-to-life than ever before, and our latest batch has revealed a new top-scorer. 

With a score of 80% this vacuum cleaner showed us it can happily clean up anything in its path. From lifting fine dust from the fluffiest of carpets to sucking up larger crumbs, hair, fur and fluff – and tackling the trickier corners and crevices of your home – it outshone stiff competition. 

And the best news? It costs less than £250. To read the full review and find out which vacuum cleaner we are talking about, go to our vacuum cleaner reviews and use the filters on the left-hand side to see the latest 2016 Best Buys.

Which? vacuum cleaner testing

Our new vacuum cleaners test includes more than 50 individual assessments. We challenge vacuums to deal with all sorts of everyday grime, and we ensure they are easy to use, aren’t too noisy, and keep dust and allergens locked away. We also check if suction drops off as they fill up with dust, to make sure you’ll get a decent clean every time, not just the first few times. 

While our testing is rooted in real-world scenarios, we test in large batches in the same laboratory and under the same stringent conditions, so that you can accurately compare the results of one vacuum cleaner to another.

Our new tests, introduced from September 2015, include:

  • Longer hair pick up – we use real human hair (from a salon) to see how well each vacuum can suck it up, and if the turbo brush is easy to clean when tangled.
  • Large debris pick up – we check that each vacuum can pick up larger spills, rather than just pushing them around.
  • Fluff and fibres – each vacuum is rated on how well it sucks up lint fibres from sofa cushions.
  • Improved ease of use testing – we look at how versatile the vacuum is and how easy it is to reach tricky spots for cleaning, such as cleaning above shoulder height and in crevices and tight spots.

Whatever your needs, find the perfect model for you from our round-up of Best Buy vacuum cleaners.

Price information correct as on Friday 18 March 2016.

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