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Hive launches smart and affordable LED light bulb

Control your lights from your phone

Hive Active smart light bulb

Hive (British Gas) launches smart light bulb

British Gas-owned Hive has launched a smart LED light bulb you can control remotely from your mobile or tablet, using an app.

If you’re a gadget-fan looking for the next smart addition to your home, Hive Active Light lets you turn on the lights from 100 miles away – or dim them from the comfort of your sofa. Using an app on your mobile or tablet, and the light bulb’s smart brain, you can also to programme when you want the lights on and off – for example, when you’re going on holiday.

We’ve tested 44 light bulbs, including 24 bulbs and spotlights, and found Best Buys for less than £5. The priciest can cost over £20. Head to our Best Buy light bulbs to find out which they are.

Smart light bulb costs

A pack of three Hive Active Lights costs £49 (£19 singly), although you’ll need to factor in the cost of a Hive Hub to make them – and other smart gadgets you can attach to the system such as the Hive thermostat – work, at £80.

In comparison, Philips Hue smart lighting costs from around £100 for two smart light bulbs and the system to connect everything.

Hive says that smart light bulbs can help you save energy; by controlling them remotely, you’ll never need worry you’ve left the lights on.

LED light bulbs

LED lights also use very little energy, claim to last a very long time and – unlike regular energy-saving bulbs –  are instantly bright when switched on, although they are still the most expensive light bulbs you can buy.

Which? tests light bulbs more thoroughly than anyone else. We test how long the bulbs last, their efficiency, safety, brightness and light quality. We also look at manufacturers’ claims for how bright they are, and compare them with our results so you know whether the bulbs you buy are up to scratch.

See our full light bulb reviews to find out how LED filaments and spotlights, from brands including Osram, Integral, Philips and more, fared.

Smart thermostats explained

Hive Active Lights will work alongside the Hive Active Heating thermostat – British Gas’s first entry into the world of smart thermostats. It’s easy to get it set up, but how does it compare with Nest and Netatmo thermostats? Find out in our Hive Active Heating full review and see which thermostats we rate as  Best Buy smart thermostats.

If you’re looking at buying a smart thermostat, there are several factors that will affect whether installing one will definitely save you money on your heating bills. 

For example, smart thermostats are likely to benefit the tech-savvy with a busy lifestyle who want to be able to see exactly how much heating they’re using and the cost. Find out if smart thermostats are worth it.

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